Electrify Expo Seattle Shocks with Over 23,000 EV Demo Rides!
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Electrify Expo Seattle Shocks with Over 23,000 EV Demo Rides!

Image showcasing Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Electrify Expo in Seattle saw a massive turnout of attendees, marking a successful second year in the city.
  • Over 23,000 demo rides were offered in Seattle, allowing attendees to experience electric vehicles firsthand.
  • Hands-on experiences with various electric vehicle brands like Porsche, Polestar, Tesla, Kia, Rad Power Bikes, Volcon + many more.
  • The greater Seattle area leads in EV adoption in the PNW, making Electrify Expo a key platform for electric mobility exploration.

Over the past weekend, the atmosphere at Seattle’s Marymoor Park was filled with enthusiasm as Electrify Expo, the largest electric vehicle (EV) festival in North America, arrived in the city. The event placed a strong emphasis on the electric evolution, featuring a wide array of electric vehicles, from stylish e-bikes to shredding e-skateboards, and even watercraft powered solely by electricity. With an impressive turnout, the Seattle community ensured that Electrify Expo’s second year in their city was a resounding success, facilitating more than 23,000 demo rides over the weekend.

Your Ticket to Hands-On Electric Vehicle Experiences

We’re all aware that the EV world is on fire right now, and Electrify Expo is dishing out front-row seats to the electric spectacle. “The huge festival footprint coupled with an amazing turnout of brands gave Seattleites all they needed to make a decision on going electric,” as BJ Birtwell, the CEO and Founder of Electrify Expo, put it. “We’re making it fun and easy for consumers to learn by giving them first-hand experiences behind the wheel, or on the seat of their favorite electric vehicle, ultimately often leading to purchase decisions but in a no-stress sales environment. The greater Seattle area, including Redmond and Bellevue, is leading the way in EV adoption and we are looking forward to returning in 2024. Now, our focus shifts to Miami as we prepare for that epic festival stop!”


Think about it; it’s one thing to read articles and watch videos about electric vehicles, but it’s a whole new ball game when you get behind the wheel, or in this case, the seat of your favorite electric ride. The real deal is hands-on experience. Electrify Expo is your ticket to it.

  • Image showcasing selfie shot of attendees at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing kids holding Porsche flags behind a Porsche Taycan at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing Ford test drive and demo booth at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing kid test ride Segway Ninebot gokart at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing electric bike demo rides at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing Rad Power Bikes electric bike demo rides at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing e-bike demo zone at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing Rad Power Bikes demo zone at Electrify Expo Seattle

Grand Finale of the 2023 West Coast Tour

This stop in Seattle marked the grand finale of the 2023 tour along the West Coast for Electrify Expo. After making waves in New York, it was time for Seattleites to get up close and personal with some incredible electric rides. The event featured a diverse lineup of vehicles, including the debut of Volvo’s EX30 and EX90 SUVs at a public event in the Pacific North West, Kia’s spacious EV9 SUV with third-row seating, and the debut of the Polestar 3 SUV. Tesla was also a prominent presence, showcasing their Model 3, S, X, Y, and even a Plaid version for attendees to test out. Ford joined the fray with the Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, gearing up for consumer test drives.

In a historic moment, this year’s Electrify Expo also marked the first appearance of Porsche at the event in the 2023 season. The Porsche Taycan, a true symbol of luxury electric performance, made its debut and stole the spotlight, wowing the crowd with its blend of cutting-edge technology and high-end craftsmanship.

Optimus, also known as Tesla Bot, added a futuristic touch to the Tesla booth at Electrify Expo in Seattle. Optimus is a conceptual general-purpose robotic humanoid currently under development by Tesla, Inc. While not a traditional EV by any means, Optimus embodies Tesla’s vision for the future of mobility and automation. Its appearance at the Expo provided attendees with a glimpse of the potential convergence of EVs and advanced robotics, highlighting the ever-evolving landscape of innovation in the space.

Exploring Electrify Expo Seattle: From Electric Cars to E-Bikes and More

Whether you’re a speed demon or prefer a leisurely cruise, Electrify Expo had it all. Attendees could explore innovative companies leading the way in sustainable energy and electric mobility. Some of the OEM exhibitors included Polestar, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Kia, Ford, Tesla, and Mitsubishi, offering insights into their latest electric offerings.


OEM Ride & Drive experiences were offered by Tesla, Volvo, Porsche, Polestar, BMW, Mitsubishi, Kia, Ford, and Toyota, allowing attendees to test drive these vehicles and experience electric mobility firsthand.

Electrify Expo wasn’t just about cars. Seattle attendees also had the opportunity to experience exciting e-bikes, e-scooters, and other micromobility and powersport products from top brands like P-51 E-Bikes, Gocycle, Stromer E-Bikes, Async E-Bikes, Volcon ePowersports, LAND, EZRaider US, DWMEIGI (D&W), Bosch, Tern, Benno, Bulls, Riese & Müller (R&M), ARC Motorcycles, Solterra, V-Volt, RYD Electric, Monday, Freego, and Puget Sound Solar (offering solar energy solutions, as well as Kenworth (a prominent American truck company).

  • Image showcasing Signature Yachts at Electrify Expo Showoff Seattle
  • Image showcasing Volcon power sports motorcycles at Electrify Expo Seattle

Electrify Showoff: Customized EV Excellence

Electrify Showoff, presented by Yokohama Tire, took Seattle by storm as the ultimate showcase for customized EVs. This extraordinary event brought together EV enthusiasts and cutting-edge brands, inspiring attendees with innovative ideas to personalize their electric rides.

“Seattle showcased an incredible array of EV conversions, with SEVA Group, Ruined, Conductive Classics, and more taking home multiple awards,” Neil Tjin, Director of Electrify Showoff, summed up. “It was a show of electric cars, boats, and bikes, with enthusiasts traveling from all over. The West Coast shows are truly outstanding, and Ruined EV has been dominating with five best crew wins. An exciting event, marking one of our best yet!”

Let’s dive into the highlights:

Exhibitors Galore: The event featured an impressive lineup of exhibitors, including Conductive Classics, Toyo Tires, Teslux Innovations, STEK USA, Tesla Owners of SWA, Anker, Yokohama Tire Corporation, Chargeway, Modern Space, Lightship, Huff Motorsports, The Detail Kid, UWashington Formula Motorsport, Signature Yachts, and Parts Counter Gurus.

Awards and Conversions: Seattle witnessed some incredible EV conversions at Electrify Showoff. Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) Group wowed the crowd with eight conversions and swept awards in categories like Best EV Conversion, Best Coupe, and Best Truck. Ruined EV also made a strong showing with seven remarkable builds, earning recognition and hardware. Conductive Classics stole the limelight, winning Best of Show and coming all the way from Idaho. Their impressive yellow van was an additional eye-catcher.

Vendor Highlights: The Toyo booth featured four Bisimoto cars, including a Volkswagen Bus that earned the title of Best Vendor Vehicle. UWashington Formula Motorsports displayed their race car, claiming the Best Performance award. Steve Huff of Huff Performance unveiled a 2,400-horsepower dragster and an electric sheep that grabbed attention.


Maritime and Bicycles: Lightship showcased their all-electric RV, and Signature Yachts left attendees in awe with their electric boats. Two models, priced at $150,000 and $350,000, demonstrated the future of electric boating. Bike enthusiasts had something to cheer about as Bike List presented custom EV bikes available for purchase.

Podcasts and Interviews: The Parts Counter Gurus had an amazing presence, conducting around 20 podcasts and content interviews.

Traveling Enthusiasts: Electrify Showoff drew attendees and participants from various parts of the country. Modern Spare journeyed from San Francisco to be part of the event, while The Detail Kid, the youngest certified detailer, impressed with his skills from Idaho. Marcus from Ruined EV made the journey from SoCal, Samantha with her Rivian came from Sacramento, and even Brandon, the event’s drone pilot, drove in from Sacramento. People from as far as Nashville attended, underscoring the growing excitement for EVs.

West Coast Excellence: It’s safe to say that the West Coast shows, like Seattle’s Electrify Showoff, continue to set the bar high. Ruined EV’s presence remains strong, with five wins and four Best of Show titles in the last five shows, only falling short in Long Beach.

Electrify Showoff in Seattle left a lasting impression as one of the best events of its kind. The enthusiasm and excitement surrounding EVs were amazing, with attendees and exhibitors alike coming together to celebrate the future of customized electric vehicles.

Skate & Scoot Demo Zone, eBike Demo Course, High-Speed Demo Zone – Oh My!

The Skate & Scoot Demo Zone showcased demonstrations from 2Swift, where event attendees enjoyed a great time shredding the course with their electric skateboard.

For e-bike enthusiasts, the eBike Demo Course provided a chance to test ride electric bikes from Volcon, D&W, Bosch (Tern, Benno, Bulls, R&M), Hovsco, GoCycle, Async Bike, P-51, VVolt, RYD Electric, Rad Power Bikes, Stromer, Bike Swift, Velowave E-Bikes, and more.

The High-Speed Demo Zone showcased exciting demonstrations at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome by Ariel Rider, Freego, XION Bike, and Rawrr, creating a unique experience for all attendees.

  • Image showcasing kid riding Stacyc e-bike at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing e-bike demo zone at Electrify Expo Seattle
  • Image showcasing Rad Power Bikes demo zone at Electrify Expo Seattle

Electrify Expo Seattle: A Sustainable Showcase of Renewable Energy and Transportation Innovation

Electrify Expo Seattle showcased renewable energy and transportation innovation, leading the way in sustainability. Through partnerships with Anker, the event’s electricity becomes clean and accessible, setting a green example for festivals. Attendees experienced both the future of transportation and sustainable event management, reflecting Seattle’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

Get Ready for Electrify Expo Miami: October 14-15!

Now, if you missed the Electrify Expo Seattle buzz, don’t worry; there’s another event right around the corner. Electrify Expo is taking its EV festival to Miami on October 14-15 at the Miami Dade Fairgrounds. You don’t want to miss this electrifying spectacle. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned EV enthusiast or just looking to dip your toes into the “electric waters”, Electrify Expo is the place to be. You won’t just see the future; you’ll ride it, drive it, and experience it like never before. Get ready for the Miami jolt because Electrify Expo is the real deal in electrifying fun. 

Don’t miss the ride! Tickets for the Miami event are available now at https://www.electrifyexpo.com/miami.

In the world of EVs, one thing’s for sure: The future is electric, and it’s here to stay.

2023 Electrify Expo Schedule

May 19-21Long Beach, CA
June 24-25San Francisco, CA
July 22-23Washington, DC
Aug. 12-13Long Island, NY
Sept. 9-10Seattle, WA
Oct. 14-15Miami, FL
Nov. 10-12Austin, TX


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