Chargeway Beacon Helps Visualize EV Charging Options

Chargeway Beacon Helps Visualize EV Charging Options

Chargeway Beacon Helps Visualize EV Charging Options
  • The Chargeway Beacon, as shown at the New York Auto Show, works to educate people on how their EV charging options are laid out.
  • The beacon is an interactive kiosk that lets people see where charging stations are and how long it could take to charge up.
  • Multiple beacons will be distributed throughout New York Power Authority visitor centers and at more, future auto shows.

Chargeway recently teamed up with the New York Power Authority to enhance EV education in a fun and user-friendly way. They have introduced the Chargeway Beacon, an interactive kiosk that displays Chargeway’s simplified software for understanding and using EV chargers. This collaboration aimed to show prospective EV buyers in New York how easily electric vehicles can fit into their lives. 

What the Chargeway Beacon Does

The Chargeway Showroom Beacon debuted at the New York International Auto Show. It was a six-foot tall interactive touchscreen kiosk that came with special customizations that could provide EV buyers with valuable information about the New York Power Authority’s EVolve NY fast charging network.

NYPA visitor centers around New York will get their own Chargeway Beacons, and more Mini Beacons will be placed at future auto events, all to help educate EV drivers and potential EV buyers throughout the year.

The Chargeway Beacon is meant to help area drivers easily find nearby charging stations, estimate charging times, and plan their next road trip using the EV trip planning tool. The Chargeway mobile app also includes a station reporting tool, enabling drivers to communicate with charging networks for any questions or issues they may encounter, ultimately contributing to better charger maintenance and improved uptime.


Why New York?

Matt Teske, the founder of Chargeway, said that “New York State captures every facet of how car ownership can be unique to individual drivers. Ranging from rural and metro areas the Chargeway Beacons are  comprehensive in supporting EV drivers from all walks of life, showing car shoppers they can truly rely on electricity as a fuel. The Chargeway platform will help all drivers more easily understand how different EV charging options can meet their driving needs.”

Once again, more brands are doing what they can to address range anxiety and help potential EV buyers see how electrified transport can still work with their busy lives. Maybe we’ll get to see more beacons like these throughout cities and states as the concept catches on.


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