Electrify Expo is the Game-Changer the Automotive Industry Needs

Electrify Expo is the Game-Changer the Automotive Industry Needs

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In an exciting interview on Parts Counter Gurus‘ Episode 147, Keith and Jay sat down with Neil Tjin, the Director of Electrify Showoff at Electrify Expo. Neil shared insights into the success of the first Electrify Expo Show of the 2023 season in Long Beach, California, and shed light on what attendees can expect from upcoming shows. With the next show in San Francisco just around the corner, Neil had plenty of interesting details to discuss.

Neil’s enthusiasm for Electrify Expo was contagious from the start. He expressed his belief that the event could revolutionize the industry. “We’re on to something I really believe can help change the industry in a good way,” he said. Neil’s passion and dedication were evident, and his excitement was apparent.

“Your goal is to introduce people to the world of electrification, and there are limitless things that you can do at this point,” Jay mentioned.

Endless Options, Family Fun, and Test Drives Galore!

One of the key points Neil emphasized was the wide range of offerings at Electrify Expo. Unlike traditional car shows that may lose their luster after an hour or two, “Expo is an entirely different experience”, stated Neil. Neil highlighted the diverse lineup of vehicles. But that’s not all – there’s much more to explore. Neil mentioned the vast variety of exhibitors and sponsors of Electrify Showoff, including well-known brands like Yokohama and Meguiar’s.

What makes Electrify Expo truly unique is its focus on family-friendly entertainment. Neil passionately described the Kid Zone, which offers an array of activities for children, including riding electric bikes, go-karts, and scooters. “Families can spend an entire day at the event, enjoying the numerous attractions and experiences”, said Neil. Neil also highlighted the opportunity to test drive electric vehicles from Tesla, Ford, BMW, and more, adding another layer of excitement. “You can ride 30-40 different e-bikes, test them before you buy them… there’s a little bit of everything, and it’s very family-oriented.”

Endless Possibilities for Customization and Innovation in the EV Market

Keith and Jay chimed in with their observations, reinforcing Neil’s points about the show’s endless possibilities. “The possibilities are endless… between cars, bikes, motorcycles, there’s a little bit of everything,” Neil mentioned. They commended the impressive list of sponsors and the inclusion of aftermarket components, demonstrating the potential for customization in the electric vehicle market. Neil shared his perspective on the evolving industry, comparing it to the tuners’ scene in the 90s. “I believed that with time and education, the automotive community could embrace electric vehicles as a platform for building and modifying, just like any other type of vehicle.”

Get Ready for 6 More Events!

Transitioning to the topic of upcoming shows, Keith and Jay revealed the exciting lineup of locations for the remainder of the year. From San Francisco to Miami, Electrify Expo planned an expansive tour. They stressed the affordable ticket prices, emphasizing the incredible value attendees receive for just $20. “Families can have a blast without breaking the bank.”

The discussion took an interesting turn when Neil and Keith delved into their shared love for sneakers. Neil’s passion for sneakers was unexpected but intriguing, leading to a fun exchange about the potential for a “Best Sneaker of Showoff” category. The conversation seamlessly transitioned back to Electrify Expo, with Keith and Jay applauding Neil’s exceptional dedication to making the event a success.

Electrify Expo and Electrify Showoff are poised to reshape the automotive industry. Neil’s infectious enthusiasm and tireless efforts are driving the event’s growth and success. Electrify Expo offers a unique and family-friendly experience that showcases the incredible possibilities of electrification. With its diverse range of vehicles, exciting collaborations, and extensive list of sponsors, Electrify Expo and Electrify Showoff are the game-changers the industry needs. So grab your family and head to one of the upcoming shows – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

For more information, visit www.electrifyexpo.com and www.electrifyexpo.com/showoff.

2023 Electrify Expo Schedule

May 19-21Long Beach, CA
June 24-25San Francisco, CA
July 22-23Washington, DC
Aug. 12-13Long Island, NY
Sept. 9-10Seattle, WA
Oct. 14-15Miami, FL
Nov. 10-12Austin, TX


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