Filming Goes Green: The Custom Electric Camera Car That Stole the Show
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Filming Goes Green: The Custom Electric Camera Car That Stole the Show

Michael Bernstein - 2015 Custom Electric Camera Car Electrify Showoff Orlando 2024
  • Michael Bernstein’s Custom Electric Camera Car won Best EV Conversion at Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Tire in Orlando.
  • Designed specifically for film production, the car features custom-built chassis and suspension to meet the demands of professional camera crews.
  • Bernstein highlights sustainability with the car’s electric powertrain and solar-powered trailer.

Michael Bernstein’s Custom Electric Camera Car captured the Best EV Conversion presented by POR 15 award at Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Tire in Electrify Expo Orlando this year. This unique build, a testament to the growing intersection of technology and sustainability, changes the game for how electric vehicles (EVs) can serve specialized needs. Designed for film production, this car showcases how custom modifications can blend function and form, meeting the specific demands of a professional camera crew while maintaining a green footprint.


This unique car, tailored for production use, was praised for its seamless integration of customizations that cater directly to the needs of a camera crew. The car’s chassis and suspension are fully custom-built, a testament to Bernstein’s meticulous approach to modifying the vehicle for specific industry needs. Standing at 48 inches wide and 96 inches long, this car’s design is sleek, efficient, and practical for navigating both indoor and outdoor settings.

The Custom Electric Camera Work Vehicle

Bernstein, a resident of Orlando, Florida, and owner of A Production House, has a clear focus on the function of his EV. “This is a work vehicle, built to serve our needs directly on set,” he mentions in our interview. The car is equipped with an Atomos Shogun 4K recording system, an extra 3000 watts of onboard power, and various camera mounting options, including Steadicam mounts, gyro mounts, a Hypercam system, and camera crane mounts.

Michael Bernstein - 2015 Custom Electric Camera Car Electrify Showoff Orlando 2024

For Bernstein, the customization process was an extension of his work, utilizing his skills to cater directly to the needs of the film industry. “The custom builds I’ve done, including this one, were for professional purposes. I enjoy welding and building something functional,” he explains. The car also features 13-inch wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a trailer equipped with solar panels, allowing the car to charge on the go or power additional equipment without reliance on gas generators.

Challenges and Solutions for the Custom Electric Camera

Like any significant project, this build faced its own set of challenges. “There were areas where I had to bring in experts for what I didn’t know,” Bernstein shares, reflecting on the collaborative nature of the endeavor. The vehicle’s design, focused on utility, made it essential to optimize every element, which led Bernstein to source parts that were available on short notice. “Time was a crucial factor in building this car,” he notes, highlighting the urgency that drove the choice of certain brands and components.

A Sustainable Approach

Bernstein’s camera car not only serves a specific professional niche but also showcases a broader trend in the automotive industry toward sustainable, zero-emission vehicles. The car’s electric powertrain and solar-powered trailer stresses a commitment to green energy solutions, allowing it to operate entirely gas-free. Its sustainable design means it can be used indoors, reducing the environmental footprint of on-set production.

Bernstein’s Custom Electric Camera Car is an impressive blend of functionality and sustainability, serving as a valuable tool for the film industry. “Building this car was a practical decision to aid in production work,” Bernstein reflects. “I hope it inspires others to see how electric vehicles can offer real-world solutions, beyond just commuting.” This vehicle is a testament to how innovative customizations can shape the future of both the automotive and film industries.

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2024 Electrify Expo Schedule

March 16-17Orlando, FL (new location for 2024)
May 4-5Phoenix, AZ (new location for 2024)
May 31-June 2Long Beach, CA
July 13-14Denver, CO (new location for 2024)
August 24-25San Francisco, CA
September 14-15Seattle, WA
October 12-13Long Island, NY
November 8-10Austin, TX

Michael Bernstein - 2015 Custom Electric Camera Car Electrify Showoff Orlando 2024


Owner: Michael Bernstein
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Facebook links: /acameraop
Instagram links: @acameraop
Vehicle: 2015 Custom Electric Camera Car
Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Orlando 2024 Award: Best EV Conversion presented by POR 15


Camera Mounting OptionsSteadicam mounts, gyro mounts, Hypercam system, camera crane mounts, and cheese plates for a wide range of professional film production needs.
On-Board PowerExtra 3000 watts of power for cameras and other film production systems, ensuring seamless operation on set.
Custom Chassis & SuspensionFully custom-built chassis and suspension, providing stability and maneuverability for both indoor and outdoor filming.
Atomos Shogun 4K RecorderOnboard 4K recording system, allowing for high-quality footage capture directly from the car.
Solar-Powered TrailerTrailer with solar panels on its roof, enabling the car to charge equipment without relying on gas generators, reinforcing its sustainable design.
Zero EmissionFully electric powertrain, making the vehicle suitable for indoor use and reducing its environmental impact.
Wheels and Tires13-inch wheels and tires, balancing mobility and stability for film production purposes.
4-Wheel Disc BrakesReliable stopping power, ensuring overall functionality and safety.



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