Toyota Electrified Vehicle Sales Surge in the U.S., Indicating a Bright Future for Electric Cars
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Toyota Electrified Vehicle Sales Surge in the U.S., Indicating a Bright Future for Electric Cars

Toyota bz4X display at Electrify Expo
  • June 2023: Toyota electric vehicle sales surged to 51,535 units, 26.4% of total sales, a 28.8% YoY increase.
  • H1 2023: Toyota achieved 270,476 electrified vehicle sales, 26.0% of total sales, reflecting rising demand for electric vehicles.
  • Innovation from Toyota shines with new models like the Toyota Crown and Lexus’ RZ 450e, driving impressive sales and industry leadership.

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) has recently released its sales figures for June and the first half of 2023, and the results are nothing short of impressive. With a 14.9% increase in sales volume compared to June 2022, Toyota sold a total of 195,448 vehicles in the U.S. last month alone. What’s even more exciting is that electrified vehicles accounted for a significant portion of these sales, representing 26.4% of total monthly sales.

Toyota Electric Vehicle Sales Soar

Electrify Expo Lexus RZ 450e in the crowd

But the electrification trend doesn’t stop there. For the first half of 2023, TMNA reported sales of 1,038,520 vehicles, with electrified vehicle sales reaching a remarkable 270,476 units, or 26.0% of total year-to-date sales. These numbers clearly indicate that the electrification wave is sweeping across the automotive industry, and Toyota is riding the electric wave with incredible momentum.

Commitment to Innovation

Electrify Expo Lexus RZ 450e 3 on display

Toyota’s commitment to meeting customers’ needs and staying at the forefront of innovation is undoubtedly paying off. According to Jack Hollis, executive vice president of Sales at TMNA, “We continue to focus on customers’ needs with several new and refreshed products in the first half of the year, including the all-new Toyota Crown and the Lexus brand’s first fully electric vehicle, the RZ 450e.” The introduction of these exciting electric models has undoubtedly contributed to Toyota’s soaring sales figures and reinforced the brand’s reputation as a leader in the electric vehicle market.

Impressive Figures for June and First Half of 2023

With the recent successes and the electrified vehicle lineup expanding rapidly, Toyota fans and potential buyers have a lot to look forward to. Hollis adds, “Our teams are working around the clock to get vehicles into customers’ hands, and they can expect even more exciting and electrified products later this year, including the all-new Grand Highlander, Toyota Tacoma, and a new nameplate from Lexus, the TX.” The anticipation for these upcoming releases is palpable, and it’s safe to say that Toyota’s electric future is looking brighter than ever.

Toyota Electric Lineup Shines

Electrify Expo toyota prius prime

Let’s dive into the highlights of Toyota’s electrified vehicle sales in June and the first half of 2023, showcasing the brand’s remarkable achievements:

  • June electrified vehicle sales of 51,535, up 28.8%; represents 26.4% of total sales volume.
  • First half electrified vehicle sales of 270,476, up 1.4%; represents 26.0% of total sales volume.
  • Toyota Division experienced a 22.5% increase in electrified vehicle sales in June, with electrified vehicles accounting for 26.0% of total sales.
  • Lexus Division achieved an astounding 84.0% increase in electrified vehicle sales in June, with electrified vehicles representing 28.4% of total sales.

These statistics clearly demonstrate the growing demand for electrified vehicles from both Toyota and Lexus customers. The fact that Toyota offers a wide range of electrified options is another testament to the brand’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of consumers. With 24 electrified Toyota and Lexus vehicle options available at dealerships, there is an electric model to suit every taste and lifestyle.

Diverse Electrified Options from Toyota

Electrify Expo Toyota Mirai

Now, let’s take a closer look at the standout performers within Toyota’s electrified vehicle lineup. In terms of passenger cars, the Camry experienced a remarkable 23.8% increase in June sales and a solid 10.9% increase in first half sales. The Mirai, Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, also saw substantial growth, with June sales soaring by an impressive 75.9% and first half sales increasing by 26.8%.

Electric SUVs Steal the Show

Electrify Expo toyota bz4x

When it comes to SUVs and trucks, Toyota has undoubtedly left its mark. The bZ4X, an all-new electric SUV, saw an extraordinary 1,767% increase in June sales and a staggering 1,477% increase in first half sales. The Corolla Cross and Sequoia models also experienced significant growth, with June sales up 21.2% and 8,453%, respectively. Toyota’s pickup trucks, the Tacoma and Tundra, proved to be popular choices as well, with first half sales increasing by 7.5% and 34.8%, respectively.

Luxurious and Electric

Electrify Expo Lexus NX 450h+ Plug-In Hybrid Electric

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division, also showcased outstanding performance in the electrified vehicle segment. The UX, a compact luxury SUV, experienced an impressive 86.4% increase in June sales and a solid 14.7% increase in first half sales. The NX and RX models also saw significant growth, with June sales up 85.3% and 10.7% , respectively. Furthermore, the UX HEV, NX HEV, and RX HEV recorded substantial sales increases, solidifying Lexus’ position as a formidable player in the luxury electrified vehicle market.

Setting Sales Records

With numerous best-ever sales records achieved in June and the first half of 2023, it’s clear that Toyota’s electrified vehicle lineup is striking a chord with consumers. Models like the bZ4X, Corolla Cross, Mirai, and RAV4 PRIME PHEV have captured the imagination of buyers, delivering a winning combination of style, performance, and eco-friendliness.

Toyota’s success in the electric vehicle market is not only a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation but also a reflection of the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options. As more customers prioritize eco-conscious choices and governments around the world implement stricter emission regulations, electric vehicles are poised to become the new norm in the automotive industry.

Anticipated Releases and Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

Toyota’s commitment to electrification is commendable, and their impressive sales figures speak for themselves. With exciting new releases on the horizon, including the highly anticipated Grand Highlander, Tacoma, and Lexus’ TX, the future looks exciting for Toyota and its loyal customer base.

So, if you’re considering buying an electric vehicle, Toyota should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. Toyota is leading the charge towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future on the roads, thanks to their wide range of electrified choices and a well-established history of achievement.


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