Alterra Mountain Company Leads the Charge Towards Sustainable Tourism with Taiga's Nomad Electric Snowmobiles
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Alterra Mountain Company Leads the Charge Towards Sustainable Tourism with Taiga’s Nomad Electric Snowmobiles

Alterra Mountain Company Leads the Charge Towards Sustainable Tourism with Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobiles
  • Alterra Mountain Company prioritizes sustainability by integrating Taiga’s electric snowmobiles into its fleet.
  • Taiga’s Nomad electric snowmobiles, tested across 15 mountain destinations, impress with their quiet, emission-free operation and robust performance, including a 100km range and 511kg towing capacity.
  • The Alterra-Taiga partnership signifies a pivotal shift towards sustainable mountain operations, exemplified by Nomad’s status as the world’s first mass-produced 100% electric snowmobile.

Alterra Mountain Company is at the forefront of changing winter sports with its exciting collaboration with Taiga Motors Corporation. Taiga, renowned for its creative electric off-road vehicles, has joined forces with Alterra to bring the Nomad electric snowmobile to its famous mountain destination. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the quest for carbon neutrality in the snow sports industry. The Nomad electric snowmobile represents more than just transportation; it signifies a dedication to cutting carbon emissions and enhancing on-mountain operations. Tested across 15 of Alterra’s mountain destinations, the Nomad snowmobiles have impressed both operators and guests alike. This partnership highlights a joint dedication to speeding up the transition to electric off-road vehicles and shaping a future where sustainable practices are at the heart of winter tourism, preserving snow sports for generations to come.


“We know the impacts of climate change are threatening the mountain lifestyle and activities we love,” stated Darcie Renn, VP of Sustainability at Alterra Mountain Company. “That’s why we’re committed to efforts to protect the mountains for generations to come. Transitioning some of our snowmobile fleet to Taiga’s electric snowmobiles was a great choice for us to expand our on-mountain EV fleet and propel us forward in our ambitious carbon reduction journey.”

The Nomad electric snowmobile, an impressive feat of engineering from Taiga, offers more than just transportation. It reflects a commitment to lowering carbon emissions while improving mountain operations. Sam Bruneau, CEO and Co-Founder at Taiga, expressed pride in supporting Alterra’s sustainability goals: “Not only are the Nomad snowmobiles contributing to reducing emissions but doing so while lowering operating costs and delivering uncompromising performance.”

Tested and Praised Across Alterra Mountain Company Destinations

The Nomad snowmobiles have been put to the test at 15 of Alterra’s mountain locations and have impressed both operators and guests. Éric Gadoua, Mountain Operations Director at Tremblant, an Alterra Mountain Company destination, shared his experience: “While our guests have been loving their odorless and quiet ride, our operations team is equally impressed with their performance and reliability.”

Nomad, the world’s first mass-produced 100% electric snowmobile, marks a big change in how mountains and ski resorts are run. Its emission-free, whisper-quiet operation ensures minimal disruption to the pristine mountain environment. With no powertrain maintenance requirements and zero reliance on gas or oil, Nomad emerges as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for winter utility tasks.

Nomad Electric Snowmobile Specifications:

Tractive Unit (up to)90 kW
Est. Range (up to)100 km (62 mi.)
Horsepower (up to)120 hp
Towing Capacity (up to)1125 lb (511 kg)
Level 2 Charging time~3.5 hr
Level 3 Charging time~40 mins
Starting Price$18,140 USD

The Nomad electric snowmobile stands out as a versatile powerhouse, capable of handling even the most challenging conditions effortlessly. Designed with a wide stance and a 2-up utility build, it’s perfect for towing heavy loads or cruising comfortably along the trails. With its exceptional towing capacity of up to 511 kg (1,125 lb) and payload capacity of up to 57 kg (125 lb), Nomad makes accomplishing any task a breeze, making it a reliable companion for various outdoor activities.

What makes Nomad different from other utility sleds is its emphasis on performance. It’s great for work tasks, but it doesn’t sacrifice the fun of riding for adventure. Once the workday is over, Nomad can easily transition to recreational use, giving riders an exciting experience on the trails. Equipped with features like a passenger backrest, cargo rack, heated grips, and plush seating, Nomad combines rugged durability with comfort and sleek design, ensuring a satisfying ride every time.


Recharging Nomad is a hassle-free process thanks to its automotive-standard J1772 connector ports, designed for all-weather usage. Whether you’re utilizing standard Level 1, Level 2, or optional Level 3 charging, Nomad seamlessly integrates with existing electric vehicle charging networks, offering convenience and flexibility for riders to recharge after a day of work or play.

Starting at $18,140 USD, the Sport model features a wide-stance utility snowmobile with heated grips, windshield, 2-up seating with passenger backrest and handholds, cargo rack, and dual-coilover type suspension. While the Performance model, starting at $19,990 USD, is packed with all the features of the Nomad Sport but takes it to the next level, delivering superior horsepower and acceleration, with an upgraded Tractive Unit.

Alterra Mountain Company Leads the Charge Towards Sustainable Tourism with Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobiles J1772 charging

This partnership between Alterra Mountain Company and Taiga Motors Corporation emphasizes a shared commitment to accelerating the transition to electric off-road vehicles. Together, they pave the way for a future where sustainable practices are integral to the fabric of winter tourism, safeguarding snow sports for generations to come.



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