Premium French eMTB Brand LMX Coming to North America
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Premium French eMTB Brand LMX Coming to North America

LMX eMTB with rider jumping between trees in dense forest

LMX, a French manufacturer revered for its high-performance electric bikes, has entered into a promising partnership with North American distributor DIAN Motors. This alliance aims to bring the thrill and efficiency of the LMX 64 eMTB model to outdoor enthusiasts in the USA and Canada. This model, renowned in Europe for its exceptional power and sleek design, is expected to stir a significant demand in the North American market. The LMX-DIAN partnership marks a notable expansion in the global e-bike industry, pointing towards a future where sustainable and exhilarating transportation options gain prominence.

Founded in 2016 and located in southeastern France, LMX is a passionate company of cycle enthusiasts. They take immense pride in designing and hand-building premium electric bicycles in-house. The team’s dedication to quality and precision is evident in their products, which seamlessly blend elegant designs with robust performance. LMX’s commitment to creating sustainable and efficient transportation solutions has garnered them praise and recognition, making them a leader in the European e-bike industry. Their recent partnership with DIAN Motors, a well-established North American distributor, is a testament to their increasing global presence and influence.

The LMX 64 is a high-performance eMTB equipped with an electric pedal assist and a motorcycle-style twist throttle. As a Class 2 e-bike, it has a speed limit of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a peak power output of 750 watts — although in Canada, the peak output is 500 watts. Yet, the versatility of the LMX 64 doesn’t stop there. It can be modified to produce a staggering 2,500W of electric power, reaching top speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h). This makes this model suitable for regular commuting and an exciting option for off-road excursions or competitions. This flexibility is one of the many reasons the LMX 64 is creating a buzz among e-bike enthusiasts.

LMX 64 eMTB Offers Incredible Technology and Innovation

The most innovative feature of the LMX 64 is LMX’s patented dual-freewheel transmission. This unique setup features a conventional pedal chain drive on the right side of the bike and a motor-driven belt drive on the left, which reduces weight and stress on the chain drive compared to typical e-bikes. The motor employs a sophisticated torque sensor that generates the right amount of assisted power while pedaling. Furthermore, riders can operate the bike using only the throttle, simulating the function of a motorcycle. Combining the best of both worlds, this inventive technology sets the LMX 64 apart in the e-bike industry, pushing the boundaries of what is considered a conventional e-bike.

Customization is genuinely in the rider’s hands with the LMX 64. Three riding modes are selectable via buttons located conveniently on the handlebar. The first mode operates on pedal assist only, enabling the rider to experience a more traditional biking sensation. In contrast, the other two methods offer a blend of pedal assistance and throttle, giving the ride an exciting twist and adding a thrilling dimension to off-road biking. Powering these features is an 850wH battery that provides impressive endurance. Riders can expect up to 100 km of range when operating in pedal-assist mode and up to 40 km when using the throttle. To top it all off, recharging the LMX 64 couldn’t be more straightforward. A portable charger plugs directly into a conventional wall outlet, making it convenient for riders to power up at home or while on the go.

The high-specification components of the LMX 64 further set it apart from the competition. It includes a state-of-the-art Rockshox suspension that ensures smooth and controlled rides even on the roughest terrains. The bike also boasts Formula Cura 4-e brakes, offering superior stopping power for added safety. An 11-speed SRAM cassette provides a wide range of gear options for different terrains and ride conditions. The e-bike is fitted with Schwalbe Eddy Current off-road tires, delivering excellent traction on all surfaces. Additionally, it features Wellgo premium aluminum pedals, which offer outstanding durability and grip.

The LMX 64 also has a button-adjustable telescopic seat post, allowing riders to change the seat height for optimal comfort easily. A color LCD screen is another highlight, giving riders easy access to essential information such as speed, battery level, and ride mode. The LMX 64 is built around a custom, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to tie all these features together. This ensures the bike’s durability and strength and contributes to its aggressively styled, high-performance platform.

The advanced electric powertrain in LMX products results from a strategic partnership with Spark Racing Technologies. This renowned entity is a global frontrunner in electric racing and has carved a niche in Formula E. This collaboration has enabled LMX to integrate cutting-edge technologies into their e-bikes, ensuring superior performance and efficiency. Additionally, LMX prides itself on being an active contestant in the FIM E-bike Cross World Cup series. This participation is not just about competing; it provides a unique platform for real-world testing and development, enhancing the overall product quality and user experience.

For a limited time, eager enthusiasts can place a $100 deposit at to be among the first to own the LMX 64 in North America. The retail price is $7,499 USD ($9,999 CAD), available in dealerships and online commencing in December of 2023. Customers have a palette of color options, including black/red, black/gray, and white/gray. Take advantage of this opportunity to ride into the future with LMX 64, a blend of style, power, and cutting-edge technology.



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