Introducing the BSTABO Rockman: Zero-Emissions Off-Road Electric ATV with Zongshen Group
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Introducing the BSTABO Rockman: Zero-Emissions Off-Road Electric ATV with Zongshen Group

BSTABO Rockman electric ATV
  • The Rockman is BSTABO’s debut electric ATV, developed in collaboration with Zongshen Group, marking a significant leap in eco-friendly off-road technology.
  • With a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and well-made off-road features, the Rockman delivers unmatched performance, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h (50mph).
  • Offering spacious seating for two, ample storage capacity, and versatile accessory options, the Rockman provides users with a customizable off-road experience for a variety of outdoor activities.

BSTABO, a leading tech company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of battery-powered off-road vehicles, has made waves with the announcement of its first electric all-terrain vehicle (electric ATV), the Rockman. Developed in collaboration with industry powerhouse Zongshen Group, this zero-emissions off-road ATV marks a significant leap forward in sustainable outdoor exploration.


Engineered with cutting-edge expertise in electric vehicle technology, the Rockman electric ATV features a formidable combination of power and endurance. Its powerful motor, coupled with a long-lasting battery, delivers unparalleled performance for off-roading enthusiasts. Tony, General Manager of BSTABO, underscores this achievement, stating, “The launch of the Rockman hits a new milestone for BSTABO.”

Power and Performance of the Versatile Rockman Electric ATV

BSTABO Rockman electric ATV in H drive mode 2WD the vehicle provides a maximum speed of 70 km-h on flat surfaces

Available in both single-motor and dual-motor configurations, this electric ATV packs a punch with a top speed of 80 km/h (50mph), built to match the performance of fossil fuel-powered ATVs. The Rockman’s off-road capabilities are further enhanced by a suite of features including an off-road chassis, heavy-duty shock absorbers, and electronic power steering, ensuring optimal control on any terrain.

One of the Rockman’s standout features is its spacious design, accommodating a two-seater configuration with a removable backrest, measuring 88.6×48.8×54.3 inches (225x124x138cm). Tony highlights, “Built to equal the performance of fossil fuels ATVs, the off-road beasts boast spacious dimensions.”

Under the hood lies a 134Ah high-capacity lithium battery capable of charging from 20% to 80% in just one hour. With a storage box equipped with electrical ports, users can power personal and emergency appliances with ease, adding a layer of practicality to their outdoor excursions.

Expanding Horizons

BSTABO Rockman electric ATV Equipped with a 2000lb winch

Additionally, the Rockman electric ATV offers versatility beyond compare, with front and rear luggage racks with a maximum payload of 180kg (400lb). Tony elaborates on its adaptability, stating, “Users can unlock the full potential of the Rockman with windshield customization and tool attachments.”

Equipped with an array of accessories including a fishing rod holder, toolbox, and luggage straps, the Rockman electric all-terrain ATV is primed for worry-free outdoor adventures. Its adaptability extends to various environments, with the ability to transform into a snow sweeper, lawn mower, or hunting rig with the support of tool attachments.

With plans to enter the global market in 2024, the Rockman signifies a promising collaboration between BSTABO and Zongshen Group. Tony expresses confidence in the partnership, stating, “We believe the business alliance between BSTABO and Zongshen will usher a new growth chapter for both as we seek to expand our global footprint.”



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