Introducing the ADO Air 28 Pro with Automatic Gear Shifting
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Introducing the ADO Air 28 Pro with Automatic Gear Shifting

  • The ADO Air 28 Pro features an innovative automatic inner gear Bafang rear motor, ensuring smooth gear shifts without manual adjustments, particularly beneficial for navigating hills and rugged terrain.
  • With ECO and SPORT modes, riders can easily switch between efficiency and power, making the ADO Air 28 Pro adaptable to various riding styles and terrains.
  • Integrated front and rear lights improve visibility, while turn signal functionality promotes effective communication with other road users, prioritizing rider safety.

Introducing the ADO Air 28 Pro – an e-bike engineered to effortless tackle hills and rugged terrain with ease, thanks to its automatic inner gear Bafang rear motor with a peak torque of 40 Nm. This new design ensures a seamless and comfortable ride by eliminating manual gear adjustments.


Addressing the common challenge of automatic gear shifting, especially when on hills and navigating rugged terrain, the ADO Air 28 Pro introduces an automatic inner gear Bafang rear motor. With a peak torque of 40 Nm, riders can effortlessly tackle any landscape with power and precision. The integration of automatic gear shifting ensures a seamless and comfortable ride, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments.

What sets the ADO Air 28 Pro apart is its versatility. Equipped with dual-mode functionality – ECO and SPORT modes – riders have the flexibility to switch between efficiency and power according to their preferences. Whether cruising through city streets or on off-road paths, this e-bike caters to diverse riding styles with ease.


Safety takes center stage with integrated front and rear lights that enhance visibility in all conditions. The addition of turn signal functionality enables riders to communicate effectively with other road users, promoting a safer riding environment. Inspired by feedback from the ADO community, this feature underlines the brand’s commitment to listening to its customers and implementing meaningful enhancements.

Durability meets performance with the Air 28 Pro’s pre-installed aluminum fenders, striking the perfect balance between toughness and weight optimization. Complemented by the belt drive and torque sensor from the Air 28, the Air 28 Pro ensures a smooth and efficient riding experience. Hydraulic brakes further enhance control and reliability, offering peace of mind on every ride.

Introducing the ADO Air 28 Pro with Automatic Gear Shifting side profile

True to its Dutch-style design, the ADO Air 28 Pro symbolizes modern city riding. Whether it’s navigating busy city streets during daily commutes or tackling rugged terrain on weekend adventures, this electric bike ensures you have reliability for every ride. Originally priced at $2,284.00, ADO is offering an exclusive early bird discount during the pre-sale event starting on March 11th, bringing the price down to $1,886.00.



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