Vision Marine Technologies Drives Change with Electric Boats
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Vision Marine Technologies Drives Change with Electric Boats

E-Motion Electric Outboard Powertrain for Every Boat
  • Vision Marine Technologies: Leading the electric boating industry with 100% electric boats and technology. Zero emissions, noiseless environment.
  • E-Motion™ outboard powertrain system: World’s first purpose-built electric system with 180hp. Over 94% powertrain efficiency, surpassing competitors.
  • Vision Marine’s handcrafted, high-performance electric powerboats: Faster, longer range, and smoother ride than traditional motorboats. Lithium batteries, long warranties.

The electric boat market is projected to reach a staggering $16 billion by 2031, indicating a growing demand for clean and sustainable boating options. Vision Marine Technologies (VMAR) is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, with its innovative solutions and commitment to environmental stewardship. As the market expands, VMAR’s expertise and technological advancements will continue to drive the electric boating revolution forward. With a focus on designing and manufacturing electric outboard powertrain systems and related technologies, VMAR is committed to combatting waterway pollution and disrupting the traditional boating industry. By offering 100% electric boats, outboard motors, and cutting-edge technology, VMAR leads the way in creating a pollution-free, emission-free, and noiseless environment.

Powerful and Efficient: E-Motion™ Outboard Powertrain System

E-Motion Electric Powertrain Technology
E-Motion Electric Powertrain Technology

Vision Marine Technologies firmly believes that its electric outboard powertrain systems surpass the competition in terms of efficiency and power. In fact, their powertrain efficiencies exceed an astounding 94%, while their principal competitor only achieves 54% efficiency. Their flagship outboard powertrain, the “E-Motion™,” stands as the industry’s first purpose-built system, boasting an impressive 180 horsepower. By combining advanced battery technology, an efficient motor, and proprietary union assembly, this powertrain maximizes efficiency, enhances range, and delivers outstanding performance.

Enhanced Performance and Environmentally Friendly Boats

Vision Marine Technologies Drives Change with Electric Boats
Vision Marine Technologies Drives Change with Electric Boats

At the heart of Vision Marine Technologies’ mission is the relentless pursuit of handcrafted, high-performance, and environmentally friendly electric recreational powerboats. Through meticulous design and the integration of cutting-edge technology, their boats offer superior performance, higher speeds, and extended range. A smooth ride is guaranteed, surpassing the traditional internal combustion engine motorboat experience. With VMAR, boating enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of speed while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Vision Marine Technologies’ Milestones and Achievements

  • Nasdaq Listed: Symbol “VMAR”
  • 25 Years of Boating Industry Expertise
  • Revolutionizing the Traditional Boating Market
  • Manufacturer of 100% Electric Boats for Zero Emissions
  • Producer of the World’s Most Powerful Electric Outboard Engine: E-Motion 180E
  • The Technologically Advanced E-Motion 180E with a Complete Propulsion Package
  • The Bruce 22: World’s Fastest Production Electric Boat, Powered by E-Motion™
  • Exclusive Use of Lithium Batteries
  • Offering Long Duration Warranty and High-Tech Products

Collaboration with Four Winns H2E

Four Winns H2e 100% electric 22ft bowrider - Vision Marine Technologies Drives Change with Electric Boats - Electrify News.png.jpg
Four Winns H2e 100% electric 22ft bowrider

In the pursuit of industry collaboration and expansion, Vision Marine Technologies is proud to partner with Four Winns on a new 100% electric, 22’ bowrider – the H2e. This partnership combines VMAR’s electric powertrain technology with Four Winns’ expertise in boat manufacturing, resulting in a remarkable fusion of performance, style, and sustainability. Boating enthusiasts can expect to see groundbreaking electric boat models that push the boundaries of what’s possible on the water.

Ventura New Boat Rental Operation: Experience Electric Boating Firsthand

Electric Boat Rental Operation In Portside Ventura, California - Vision Marine Technologies Drives Change with Electric Boats - Electrify News.png
Electric Boat Rental Operation In Portside Ventura, California

Vision Marine Technologies recently launched the Ventura New Boat Rental Operation, allowing boating enthusiasts to cruise the stunning Ventura Harbor in style using Vision Marine’s state-of-the-art electric boats. This presents a remarkable opportunity to witness the technology and efficiency of electric boating up close and personal. Prepare to be impressed by the seamless integration of performance and sustainability.

Leading the Charge for Electric Propulsion Marine Transition

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovative technology, Vision Marine Technologies is making remarkable strides in the electric boating industry. Their dedication is evident through their expanding rental operations and dealer network, enabling more people to experience the benefits of electric boating. As they forge ahead, VMAR is set to captivate the world with numerous events and collaborations planned in the coming months.

Vision Marine Technologies is reinventing the boating industry by providing high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly electric powertrain systems and boats. Their E-Motion™ outboard powertrain stands as a pinnacle of innovation, surpassing the competition in terms of performance and efficiency. With their expanding rental operations, collaborations with industry leaders like Four Winns, and commitment to customer satisfaction, VMAR is poised to make a lasting impact on the boating industry and the environment. For more information, visit


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