Vision Marine Sets Epic Speed Record and Shares New Recreation e-Boat
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Vision Marine Sets Epic Speed Record and Shares New Recreation e-Boat

Vision Marine e-boat in lake at sunset
  • Shaun Torrente set a new speed record of 116 MPH in the latest Vision Marine Technologies e-boat. 
  • Vision Marine’s 180-E architecture powers the Four Winns H2e E-Motion 180 E-equipped model.
  • The new boating technology uses a pair of 35-kWh batteries and a powerful electric outboard motor for up to 70 miles of cruising range. 

Vision Marine Technologies is working with Shaun Torrente, the three-time boat racing world champion. The partnership will bring together the mastermind behind the E-Motion Electric Powertrain and the captain who achieved 109 MPH on water. At the end of August, the speed racer set a new marine record of 116 MPH in a Vision Marine boat at The Lake of the Ozarks. 

The Speedy and Innovative Partnership

The racing legend and the Vision Marine tech innovators, Alex Mongeon and Xavier Montagne, are working together to push the boundaries of speed on water to add excitement for competitors and their fans. Transforming the electric architecture in recreational and competitive boating will only add to the popularity of the growing market. 

Achieving the Goal

At the 35th Edition of The Lake of the Ozark Shootout, the partnership achieved its goal of redefining what can be done with speed on the water. Torrent achieved 116 MPH in the one-of-a-kind power machine. 

Yes, the Shootout was a pursuit of a new record, but it was more about the shifting paradigm in boating. The innovative electrical architecture opens limitless opportunities for eco-friendly, sustainable, recreational boating. 

While many boats can travel at speeds well above 150 MPH, Torrente and Vision Marine are the first to achieve 116 in a fully electric boat. 

Consumer-Ready Electrified Four Winns H2e Boat

Boating enthusiasts might not be able to get their hands on Torrente’s record-setting boat; they can get their own consumer-ready bowrider with an electric motor. Vision Marine brought the Four Winns H2e E-Motion 180 E model to the charity e-boat race, so visitors could see the cutting-edge features that will make boating a zero-emissions hobby. Experts from Four Winns were on hand to answer questions about the future of electrified boats. 

The 180-E architecture includes a pair of 35-kWh batteries that power an electric outboard motor that delivers 180 horsepower. The batteries easily charge with a 220-volt household outlet (similar to a Level 2 charger for EVs), and the 70-kWh batteries charge overnight. The consumer-ready powertrain has a range of 70 miles when cruising at 20 MPH or 3.5 hours. Of course, the actual range changes based on wind speed and direction, load, weather conditions, and the type of boat. 



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