Four Winns Partners with Vision Marine Technologies to Unveil H2e
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Four Winns Partners with Vision Marine Technologies to Unveil H2e

Four Winns Introduces the H2e The Future of Electric Boating
  • The H2e by Four Winns is the industry’s first 100% electric bowrider, showcasing their innovative and sustainable approach to boating.
  • Four Winns partnered with Vision Marine Technologies, a leader in electric recreational boating, to develop the H2e, combining their expertise for a superior product.
  • The H2e boasts the world’s most powerful electric outboard engine, delivering rapid acceleration, precise handling, and a top speed of approximately 35 knots (40mph), with convenient onboard charging capabilities.

Get ready to sail into the future with Four Winns’ groundbreaking entry into electric boating. The renowned manufacturer of elegant and sophisticated bowriders and deck boats has raised the bar yet again with their latest innovation – the H2e, a 100% electric bowrider. Teaming up with Vision Marine Technologies, Four Winns is set to redefine the boating experience by combining style, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

The Refined Experience of the H2e

The H2e caters to the desires of modern boaters who seek convenience, cost efficiency, and a tranquil journey on the water. This fully sustainable cruising experience offers the perfect solution to reducing carbon emissions without compromising on enjoyment. Alexandre Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine Technologies, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, “Boaters are more aware than ever of their environmental footprints… and we are excited to share our vision and passion with the world.”

Innovation and Style Unleashed

The H2e is powered by Vision Marine Technologies’ revolutionary electric outboard, the 180E, which delivers exceptional acceleration and precise handling. With a top speed of approximately 35 knots (40mph), this electric powertrain takes boating to new heights. Equipped with two high-voltage, high-density, 700v battery packs, the H2e ensures extended cruising capabilities. Recharging is a breeze with the fully integrated onboard charger that can be connected to any dock shore power system.

Moreover, the H2e boasts a first-of-its-kind smart digital display designed exclusively for the marine industry. Boaters can effortlessly control entertainment, connect their phones, and utilize the advanced navigation system via the dual touchscreen interface. Access to an automatic logbook featuring trip history, battery status, security, and weather forecasts further enhances the overall experience.

The Unparalleled Elegance of Four Winns

The sleek design and unmatched silence of Vision Marine Technologies’ electric motor perfectly complement the timeless elegance of Four Winns’ bowrider. This collaboration blends classic style with contemporary innovation, setting a new standard for luxury electric boating.

Exciting Showcases

To showcase the cutting-edge technology behind the H2e, Vision Marine Technologies will present their electric motor at the Paris Boat Show in December 2022. Following this, Four Winns will unveil the highly anticipated H2e model at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2023.

With the Four Winns H2e leading the way, the future of electric boating has arrived. As boaters seek environmentally friendly solutions without compromising performance, Four Winns and Vision Marine Technologies stand at the forefront of this revolution. Experience the joy of quiet and emission-free boating while enjoying thrilling moments on the water. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary innovation – reserve your H2e now and join the electric boating revolution at

About Vision Marine Technologies, Inc.
Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. wants to make a positive difference in the fight against water pollution. They are doing this by changing the traditional boating industry and using electric power instead of fuel. This helps to reduce pollution, emissions, and noise in the water. Their main product is an electric outboard powertrain called “E-Motion™.” It includes a special battery pack, inverter, and motor that work together to make the powertrain more efficient. This means the boats can go farther and perform better. Vision Marine also makes and sells high-quality electric boats that are designed to be environmentally friendly and fast. In simple terms, their boats provide a smoother and more enjoyable ride compared to traditional motorboats that use gasoline. For more information, visit


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