Polaris Marine Unveils Two Concept High-Performance Electric Pontoons
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Polaris Marine Unveils Two Concept High-Performance Electric Pontoons

Image showcasing Polaris Marine testing 150-hp outboard electric motor from Forza X1 on Bennington and Godfrey pontoon models.
  • Polaris Marine unveiled two pioneering concept demonstrator pontoons with high-horsepower electric propulsion, marking a significant step in electric boating technology.
  • Equipped with a potent 150-hp outboard electric motor, these pontoons demonstrated impressive performance, reaching top speeds of 25 mph (Bennington) and 28 mph (Godfrey), along with substantial cruising ranges.
  • Polaris Marine is committed to innovation, having previously introduced the versatile “Mighty G” pontoon. They continue to explore emerging electric propulsion technologies, striving to deliver outstanding experiences in the evolving world of boating.

As the world of boating navigates towards a future shaped by sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Polaris Marine stands at the helm, ready to redefine the way we experience pontoon boating. In a landmark moment, this industry-leading manufacturer has unveiled two new concept demonstrator pontoons, setting the stage for a revolution in high-horsepower electric propulsion.

These vessels, showcased at Polaris Marine’s annual dealer meetings in Syracuse, Indiana, represent more than just prototypes; they are the testbeds for the future of watercraft optimized for electric propulsion. With a keen eye on innovation, they’re ushering in a new era of boating that promises not only eco-consciousness but also high-performance capabilities that will leave boating enthusiasts exhilarated.


Elevating Watercraft: Cutting-Edge Electric Propulsion Innovation

Polaris Marine, North America’s foremost pontoon boat manufacturer, is once again proving why they’re the leaders in the field. They recently showcased these high-horsepower electric propulsion demonstrators at their annual dealer meetings in Syracuse, Indiana. But why is this such a big deal? Here’s the scoop.

Electric propulsion isn’t entirely new, but Polaris Marine is taking it to the next level. These concept vessels, built on the 26-foot, 6-inch 2024 Bennington L-Series Bowrider and the 23-foot, 11-inch 2023 Godfrey Monaco 235 platforms, are more than just prototypes. They’re testbeds for the future of watercraft optimized for electric propulsion.

Pioneering Innovation: A Polaris Marine Vision for Electric and Hybrid Propulsion in Boating

Ben Duke, the President of Polaris Marine, is excited about what’s in store. “Working closely with high-horsepower electric propulsion OEMs, Bennington and Godfrey are using concept vessels, such as the ones we shared with dealers, as testbeds for future development,” he says. It’s a sneak peek into what the future holds for boating enthusiasts.

Electric propulsion has its merits, especially on smaller vessels like dinghies and tenders. But Polaris Marine is pushing the envelope. Last year, Godfrey introduced the Mighty G, a 15-foot pontoon designed to make the most of both gas and electric-powered engines. The advantages are clear: fewer moving parts, no oil changes, and the ability to navigate restricted waterways with ease.


Unleashing Electric Power: Performance and Range of the Polaris Marine Concept Demonstrators

Now, let’s talk about the real magic – the power behind these concept demonstrators. With a 150-hp outboard electric motor from Forza X1, these pontoons are a force to be reckoned with. The Bennington reached a top speed of 25 mph, while the Godfrey clocked in at 28 mph. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about range. The Bennington can cover 25 miles at 15 mph or 15 miles at 20 mph, while the Godfrey boasts 29 miles at 15 mph or 17 miles at 20 mph. These boats are not just eco-friendly; they’re high-performance, too.

With the success of the Mighty G and the promise of high-horsepower electric propulsion, Polaris Marine is leading the way into a new era of boating. As Ben Duke puts it, “Our dealer network will be a critical partner in defining this future, and we’re pleased that they have been so receptive to these higher horse-powered demonstrators.”

When it comes to pontoon boating, Polaris Marine is steering us toward a future that’s both eco-conscious and high-performance. These concept demonstrators aren’t just prototypes; they’re a glimpse into what’s next. So, if you’re a boating enthusiast, keep a close eye on Polaris Marine. They’re not just setting the standard; they’re redefining it. The future of boating has never looked brighter.


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  1. Although I have a BEV and like the IDEA of an electric boat, range is IMPORTANT… Per this article, the BEST mileage one can hope for is under 30 miles=YIKES!!! Minimum 100 miles will be required and at least 25mph IF electric propulsion is to be taken seriously… I suppose this is a nice starting point??? Not really 🙁

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