Flitescooter Is the Hot New Hydrofoil
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Flitescooter Is the Hot New Hydrofoil

  • The Flitescooter is a new electric hydrofoil that’s built to ride more like a scooter on water, making it easier for inexperienced riders to try eFoils.
  • The foil’s handlebars come with a thumb throttle to easily control speeds.
  • It comes in a compact design that’s simple to pack down and fit in your car, meaning you can easily launch from anywhere.

Flite, the Australia-based electric hydrofoil brand, has introduced a new product innovation called the Flitescooter. As an addition to the existing range of Flite creations, this model aims to make riding a hydrofoil easier thanks to the removable handlebars and some new tech. As an entry-level foil, it mimics the feel of a scooter (hence the name) and is ultimately designed for beginners or those who just want a more casual cruising experience on the water.

The Flitescooter Design

That scooter feeling comes from the relaxed, forward-facing riding position on the Flitescooter. The handlebars provide greater stability, while the large inflatable board offers increased buoyancy – all making it easy to launch from docks and boats.

You can easily control your speed with the built-in thumb throttle, while Flite’s new jet propulsion system gives you a smooth and safe ride.

It’s a great option for riders with little or no experience out on the water, allowing folks to learn basic eFoiling within minutes.

For people who are more experienced and confident on the water, the handlebars can be easily detached, transforming the Flitescooter into a more conventional Fliteboard for surf-style riding.

It also has a compact design that packs down to a manageable size, making it easily transportable on land as well.

Flite’s CEO, Founder, and Product Architect, David Trewern, expressed his excitement about the global launch. “We are thrilled to offer riders a new way to fly with the global launch of Flitescooter. Since I developed the first Fliteboard prototype back in 2018, I have been working on ways to encourage my wife to join me on the water. Flitescooter is the solution. It’s so easy and forgiving to learn, yet offers similar thrills to Fliteboarding.”

Flitescooter is priced at $12,995 and is currently available for pre-orders, with deliveries expected in late August 2023.

About the Flite Brand

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Flite is dedicated to creating the world’s best electric foiling water vehicles. Their eFoils offer a combination of fun, engagement, speed, and efficiency, all while being super-quiet and emission-free. The Fliteboard has won numerous awards and has also earned thousands of fans across 90 countries, with over 300 authorized partners selling their boards worldwide. 

Flite’s range now includes various electric-powered hydrofoils, such as Fliteboard, AIR, PRO, ULTRA, ULTRA L, Series 3, and Flitescooter, catering to different skill levels and preferences.

Introducing Flitescooter


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