Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente Set to Break Racing Records This Weekend
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Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente Set to Break Racing Records This Weekend

Front view of Vision Marine electric boat racing across a lake
  • Vision Marine Technologies will collaborate with three-time boat racing world champion Shaun Torrente to push speed records this weekend.
  • The partnership combines Torrente’s racing expertise with Vision Marine’s cutting-edge E-Motion™ Electric Powertrain technology.
  • The event is set for Aug. 26-27, 2023, at The Lake of The Ozarks Shootout.

In the performance electric recreational boating industry, a potentially groundbreaking collaboration is taking shape that may redefine the essence of speed and performance on water. Vision Marine Technologies Inc., a global leader in electric boating, has joined forces with three-time boat racing world champion, Shaun Torrente, in a move that has enthusiasts and industry insiders buzzing with excitement. This audacious partnership aims to push the boundaries of speed records and revolutionize boat racing.

A Fusion of Expertise and Innovation

Shaun Torrente’s racing prowess is undeniable, with three world championships to his name. Now, he’s teaming up with the visionaries at Vision Marine to push the limits of what’s possible on the water. 

The strategic collaboration brings together Torrente’s unmatched racing experience with Vision Marine’s cutting-edge technology, including their E-Motion™ Electric Powertrain designed by Xavier Montagne, the mastermind behind this groundbreaking system.


This weekend – Aug. 26 and Aug. 27 – this special team will be at the 35th Edition of The Lake of The Ozarks Shootout to show off what the E-Motion powertrain can really do. This unsanctioned charity boat race is renowned for its speed and watercraft prowess, making it a fitting arena for these folks to showcase their innovation.

With its picturesque landscapes and expansive waters, Lake of the Ozarks will be a gorgeous backdrop for Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente to potentially rewrite the record books once more. Last year, Vision Marine shattered the 109-mph speed barrier, and with Torrente at the helm, there’s no telling just how fast they might go this time around.

Pushing Boundaries at Lake of the Ozarks and Beyond

Beyond the thrill of breaking records, this partnership represents a significant shift in boat racing. By harnessing the potential of electric power and a meticulously designed electrical architecture, Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente are not only redefining high-speed watercraft but also forging a path toward sustainable racing. This collaboration underscores the possibilities of green technology in motorsports and beyond.

Attendees of The Lake of The Ozarks Shootout are in for a treat. They’ll have the exclusive opportunity to witness Vision Marine’s E-Motion™ production-ready boats in action, including the impressive Four Winns H2e E-Motion™ 180 E-equipped model. This consumer-ready bowrider showcases the cutting-edge features that define Vision Marine’s innovation.



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