Brunswick Corporation Takes Flight, Acquires Fliteboard
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Brunswick Corporation Takes Flight, Acquires Fliteboard

man and woman using fliteboard hydrofoil on turquoise waters
  • Brunswick Corporation has acquired Fliteboard, a leading eFoiling technology company, in a strategic move to bolster its presence in the electric mobility market.
  • This acquisition aligns with Brunswick’s overall strategy to embrace autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and shared access.
  • Fliteboard, known for its innovative hydrofoil and electric propulsion technology, has a global presence, multiple awards, and promises to bring electrifying advancements to the world of water sports under Brunswick’s stewardship.

Earlier this month, Brunswick Corporation announced it is acquiring Fliteboard, one of the pioneers in eFoiling technology. This move marks a leap forward for Brunswick as it expands its foothold in the electrification market. Fliteboard is known for its groundbreaking combo of hydrofoils and electric propulsion on the water, and this acquisition will serve as a gateway for Brunswick to dive headfirst into the eFoiling surfboard arena.

Surfing the Electrifying Wave

Fliteboard, with its brand appeal and cutting-edge eFoiling technology, aligns seamlessly with Brunswick’s ACES (Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification, and Shared Access) strategy. This acquisition promises not only technological advancements but also an opportunity for manufacturing, commercial, and consumer synergies within the extensive Brunswick portfolio. 

As Brunswick CEO Dave Foulkes stated, “Fliteboard will allow us to engage with a new wave of customers who will also have the ability to enjoy the entire portfolio of Brunswick products and services over time.”

David Trewern, the founder and CEO of Fliteboard, also expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We have long respected Brunswick’s leadership position in the recreational marine market, and this announcement enables us to further enhance Fliteboard’s products and customer experience.” 

This union between Fliteboard and Brunswick should help pave the way for the expansion of Fliteboard’s ethos and designs into new markets around the world.

Fliteboard’s Soaring Journey

Fliteboard, established in 2016, boasts a global presence in over 90 countries. Its products have graced the Mediterranean and Caribbean waters, the lakes and rivers of the U.S. and Europe, the sun-kissed beaches of Australia, and the waterways of Dubai. The company has notched up more than a dozen prestigious awards, including the coveted Red Dot Best of the Best award for product design and the Good Design Gold Award.

Brands already under the Brunswick umbrella include Mercury Marine, Mercury Racing, and MerCruiser. The company now has an opportunity to scale manufacturing and distribution, potentially aligning sub-systems with their Avator electric outboard product line, as they attract a new generation to embrace electric mobility on the water.

In this electrifying acquisition, Brunswick Corporation spreads its wings into the world of electric-foiling surfboards, promising exciting developments for water sports enthusiasts everywhere. With Fliteboard now under its wing, the future of electrified water recreation looks brighter than ever.



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