Vision Marine Technologies’ 1,050-Mile Sustainable Power in Boating Journey
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Vision Marine Technologies’ 1,050-Mile Sustainable Power in Boating Journey

Photo of Vision Marine Technologies 1,050-mile electric boating journey. Day 7: Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at Oriental Marina in Morehead City (Mile 183 - 203.5)
  • Vision Marine Technologies is on a 1,050-mile journey to showcase sustainable power and innovation in boating.
  • Their cutting-edge electric propulsion technology is breaking boundaries while being eco-friendly.
  • Partnering with 4ocean, they aim to combat ocean pollution and promote a healthier marine ecosystem.

Vision Marine Technologies is on a remarkable path to transform the boating industry with sustainable energy solutions. In a daring mission to showcase the potential of sustainable power and innovation, the company is gearing up to undertake an epic 1,050 nautical mile journey. From the serene shores of Norfolk, Virginia, to the vibrant heart of Miami, Florida, this mesmerizing tale of hope and eco-consciousness promises to inspire the world. With electric power as their guide, Vision Marine Technologies aims to lead the way towards a greener, cleaner future for marine enthusiasts worldwide. This is not just a challenge; it’s a revolutionary endeavor to shape a brighter tomorrow for our oceans and planet.

Inspiring the Future of Boating Propulsion

As an innovative pioneer in marine technology, Vision Marine Technologies is on the cusp of achieving something truly extraordinary. Their cutting-edge electric propulsion technology has prepared them for a journey that will push the boundaries of what was once thought possible. In the world of boating, they are excited to etch their name into the history books with a daring and history-making endeavor.

Sunday, July 23, 2023Norfolk – Dismal SwampMile 1 – 31
Monday, July 24, 2023Dismal Swamp – Elizabeth CityMile 31 – 51
Tuesday, July 25, 2023Elizabeth City – Alligator River MarinaMile 51 – 83
Wednesday, July 26, 2023Alligator River Marina – BelhavenMile 83 – 131
Friday, July 28, 2023Belhaven – River Dunes Marina OrientalMile 131 – 180
Saturday, July 29, 2023River Dunes Marina Oriental – Oriental MarinaMile 180 – 183
Wednesday, August 2, 2023Oriental Marina – Morehead CityMile 183 – 203.5
Thursday, August 3, 2023Morehead City – Jacksonville, NCMile 203.5 – 250

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A Transformative Partnership: Vision Marine Technologies and 4ocean

Photo of Vision Marine Technologies’ 1,050-Mile Sustainable Power in Electric Boating Journey

In their unyielding commitment to environmental stewardship, Vision Marine Technologies proudly partners with 4ocean, a global leader in cleaning our oceans and coastlines. As a Certified Cleanup Partner, they join forces to eliminate plastic waste and create a healthier marine ecosystem. This partnership solidifies Vision Marines Technologies’ long-term commitment to sustainable business practices and environmental conservation, setting a powerful example for the industry at large. By setting out on this transformative journey with 4ocean, Vision Marine Technologies aims to spark a profound impact, encouraging other companies and individuals to unite in safeguarding the future of our oceans.

Vision Marine Technologies’ exciting quest to promote sustainability and transcend limitations sets an inspiring example for the boating industry. With electric power leading the way and a collaborative effort to combat ocean pollution, they aspire to ignite a worldwide movement of eco-consciousness. As they navigate the vast waters from Virginia to Miami, an enchanting narrative of innovation, hope, and sustainable power unfolds. This breathless expedition calls upon the entire industry and the global community to embrace eco-friendly practices. For more details and to be part of this historic endeavor, visit


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