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itselectric has seven pre-production chargers in Brooklyn and Detroit, signaling a new era of reliable EV charging with detachable cable.
Despite an EV sales slowdown, excitement builds for new models and infrastructure upgrades, fueling continued growth amidst media skepticism.
Rivian owners can now access 15,000+ Tesla Supercharger network across North America, easing range anxiety and boosting EV adoption.
Tesla’s huge cost advantage and its experience help it win a lot of EV charger funding, but EV owners benefit in the end.
Discover the best home EV charger options for 2024. Compare top home EV charging stations for ease, price, and features.
Circle K partners with ABB E-mobility for the first NEVI EV site in Kentucky, enhancing EV infrastructure along I-75 with Terra 184 chargers.
Ford EV drivers can now access Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada with a free Ford-to-Tesla adapter. Enroll by June 30, 2024.
Upgrading the EV charging experience involves a manageable paradigm shift for the industry and consumers.
Stellantis joins the rest of the EV automakers by adopting the proposed SAE Standard J3400 Connector.
Mazda announced it is adopting the Tesla North American Charging Standard for its upcoming electric vehicles.
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