Rivian Vehicles Now Compatible with Tesla Supercharger Network, Accessing 15,000+ Fast Chargers Across North America
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Rivian Vehicles Now Compatible with Tesla Supercharger Network, Accessing 15,000+ Fast Chargers Across North America

Rivian Vehicles Now Compatible with Tesla Supercharger Network
  • Rivian owners can now access Tesla Supercharger network’s 15,000+ chargers across North America with free NACS DC adapters starting April.
  • Rivian seamlessly integrates charging hardware and software for easy navigation across networks via mobile app and in-vehicle systems.
  • Rivian has over 424 live chargers in 22 states through its Rivian Adventure Network, prioritizing areas frequented by Rivian owners, with plans for further expansion.

Rivian is making significant strides in enhancing the charging experience for its customers. With the recent announcement that Rivian owners will now have access to the Tesla Supercharger network, coupled with the imminent distribution of North American Charging Standard (NACS) DC adapters, the company is ready to tackle major hurdles in EV adoption, especially concerns about range anxiety and access to charging infrastructure.


The report highlighted Rivian’s dedication to promoting widespread EV uptake through the expansion of charging options. It highlighted the significance of ample and high-quality fast charging in driving mass EV adoption, reinforcing their focused efforts in expanding available options.

The integration of Tesla Superchargers into Rivian’s charging ecosystem marks a significant milestone. Through seamless hardware and software integration, Rivian ensures that its customers can effortlessly utilize the extensive Tesla Supercharger network. Rivian’s unified digital platforms enable users to seamlessly transition between the mobile app and in-vehicle infotainment system, empowering them to plan trips, filter chargers, set route preferences, and navigate with ease.

Rivian expanded on the user experience, mentioning that compatible Superchargers would be visible in Rivian’s navigation system when planning trips, complete with details on charger speeds and availability. Additionally, users will have the convenience of “plug and charge” functionality, which includes automatic billing.


To facilitate access to the Supercharger network, Rivian will provide NACS DC adapters to all Rivian owners, free of charge, starting in April. This adapter will enable Rivian vehicles to interface with over 15,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America. Additionally, Rivian is taking proactive measures to future-proof its vehicles by incorporating fully integrated NACS hardware starting in 2025.

Rivian Vehicles Now Compatible with Tesla Supercharger Network - 15000 chargers

Rivian’s dedication to addressing charging infrastructure challenges extends beyond leveraging existing networks. The company is actively building out its proprietary Rivian Adventure Network, a network of fast chargers strategically positioned to amplify access to reliable fast charging nationwide. Currently, over 424 Rivian Adventure Network chargers are operational across 70 sites in 22 states, with a focus on high-traffic areas frequented by Rivian drivers.

As Rivian expands its network, it aims to democratize access to fast charging by opening the Rivian Adventure Network to all EV drivers, not just Rivian owners. This inclusive approach deepens Rivian’s commitment to advancing EV adoption and fostering a sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Rivian plans to implement its charging infrastructure in key EV markets, charging deserts, and flagship destinations near popular national parks.



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