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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
Nova Bus electrifies Brampton with 10 LFSe+ buses, hitting sustainability goals with innovative, zero-emission, low-maintenance technology.
Contracts were awarded for up to 2,090 New Flyer electric bus units in New York, by the New York City Transit Authority in March 2024.
The Lion Electric Company has initiated delivery of its innovative LionD electric school bus models to forward-thinking schools in California.
The Blue Bird Corporation announced a record-breaking sale of 180 electric school buses to the LA Unified School District, advancing LAUSD’s climate goals.
California transportation company Zum won $26 million in EPA grants to buy a fleet of electric school buses and use its tech platform for greater transparency.
The EPA awarded $3.95 million to First Student to purchase ten electric school buses for students in Cincinnati Public Schools.
The EPA announced the selection of 67 applicants to receive nearly $1 billion of federal funding through the first Clean School Bus Program Grants Competition.
Phoenix Motor’s strategic acquisition of Proterra Transit propels its growth into heavy-duty electric transit bus product line.
This week, we’re joined by Ian & Amanda from CALSTART, a nonprofit advancing clean transportation solutions through cross-sector collaboration.
Exploring the rise of autonomous vehicles, the importance of connectivity, and the challenges on the road to a driverless future.




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Gravity DEAP Curbside EV Charging Solution Delivers 200kW Speeds Charging 200 Miles in Under 13 Minutes

Gravity Curbside EV Charging Solution Delivers 200kW Speeds, Charging 200 Miles in Under 13 Minutes