NYC Contracts Awarded for up to 2,090 Units of New Flyer Electric Bus
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NYC Contracts Awarded for up to 2,090 Units of New Flyer Electric Bus

  • New Flyer was recently awarded two contracts by the New York City Transit Authority.
  • These contracts order 429 of New Flyer’s cutting-edge Xcelsior battery-electric buses.
  • The contracts include an option for NYCT to buy up to 1,661 additional New Flyer electric buses over the next five years.


New Flyer of America Inc., producer of the New Flyer electric bus and a subsidiary of NFI Group,  announced two contracts awarded by the New York City Transit Authority (NYCT), including New Flyer’s Xcelsior bus.

Contract Details for the New Flyer Electric Bus

These contracts are a firm order for 429 of its cutting-edge Xcelsior battery-electric buses and include an option for NYCT to purchase up to an additional 1,661 New Flyer electric buses over the course of five more years.

The two contracts signify a substantial addition of 3,050 equivalent units (EUs) to NFI’s first quarter 2024 backlog. This includes a firm order for 187 battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE NG 40-foot buses, alongside an option for 943 additional units, a major win for the New Flyer Xcelsior bus.

Additionally, there is a firm order for 18 battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE NG 60-foot buses, with the possibility of extending this to 272 more. Finally, a firm commitment has also been made for a clean diesel New Flyer bus. The commitment was for 224 Xcelsior 60-foot clean diesel buses, with an option for an additional 446 buses.


Transit Authority’s Plans for Zero-Emissions Fleet

NYCT is a key component of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In 2023, MTA pledged to dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 85% from its 2015 levels by 2040. The acquisition of battery-electric buses from New Flyer underpins the MTA’s ambitious plans to transform its entire bus fleet into a zero-emission fleet by the year 2040. Significantly, this larger transition, assisted by the New Flyer electric bus order, is facilitated by financial support from the Federal Transit Administration’s Low or No Emission (Low-No) grant program.

As of December 2023, NFI reported a substantial total backlog of 10,586 equivalent units, alongside 3,832 EUs awaiting final bid award confirmation. This marks a significant milestone for NFI. The recent contracts with NYCT have transitioned from being in the pipeline as bid awards pending to firmly being part of NFI’s extensive backlog, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to delivering eco-friendly transit solutions with a leading electric transit bus.

Each EU represents a crucial production slot in NFI’s manufacturing agenda, with distinctions made between the 40-foot and the more capacious 60-foot buses, the latter counting as two production slots.
NFI’s remarkable battery-electric bus footprint in the arena of zero-emission mobility spans over 150 cities across six countries, showcasing a diverse range of battery and fuel cell-electric buses and coaches. Demonstrating its prowess and reliability in the field, NFI’s vehicles have collectively surpassed 140 million EV service miles, underpinning its leadership and innovation in sustainable urban transportation solutions with the use of an electric bus.



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