Nova Bus Rolls Out 10 Advanced LFSe+ Electric Buses, Aiming for 80% Emissions Cut by 2050 in Brampton
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Nova Bus Rolls Out 10 Advanced LFSe+ Electric Buses, Aiming for 80% Emissions Cut by 2050 in Brampton

Nova Bus Rolls Out 10 Advanced LFSe+ Electric Buses Aiming for 80 Percent Emissions Cut by 2050 in Brampton
  • Nova Bus to deliver 10 LFSe+ electric buses to Brampton, Ontario, Canada by 2025, marking a significant step in Brampton Transit’s shift towards an electrified fleet.
  • This move supports Brampton’s goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, aligning with Canada’s net-zero emissions target.
  • The LFSe+ buses promise lower maintenance costs and zero emissions.

Nova Bus, a leading North American transit bus manufacturer and member of the Volvo Group, has announced a partnership with Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This collaboration represents a major advancement in the city’s efforts toward electrification, highlighting Nova Bus’s crucial role in promoting environmentally friendly public transportation throughout North America.


As a member of the Volvo Group, Nova Bus has been leading the way in innovative transportation solutions. Their diverse range of vehicles, including electric, hybrid, CNG, and clean diesel buses, reflects their dedication to sustainability and technological advancement in meeting the changing needs of transit authorities and operators.

Nova Bus Rolls Out 10 Advanced LFSe+ Electric Buses Aiming for 80 Percent Emissions Cut by 2050 in Brampton

The LFSe+ long-range electric bus takes center stage, showcasing Nova Bus’s sturdy design and latest innovations in electric drive. This flagship model represents a significant step forward in the shift to zero-emission public transport, providing a practical solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

Brampton Transit’s decision to integrate ten LFSe+ electric buses into its fleet by 2025 aligns perfectly with the City of Brampton’s goal to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 80 percent by the mid-21st century. This initiative not only reflects the city’s environmental commitment but also supports the Government of Canada’s vision for a net-zero emissions future.


The LFSe+ long-range electric bus offers more than just environmental benefits. Nova Bus’s commitment to providing cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective transportation solutions is evident in reduced maintenance costs and the elimination of pollutant emissions.

Ralph Acs, President of Nova Bus, expressed his pride in partnering with Brampton Transit, a long-time collaborator and early adopter of battery electric technology. “We make it our mission to support agencies such as Brampton Transit in their transition to electric buses, as we are committed to providing safe, innovative, and sustainable transport solutions at a pivotal time for transit agencies that are moving towards clean transportation,” Acs mentioned.

Nova Bus Rolls Out 10 Advanced LFSe+ Electric Buses Aiming for 80 Percent Emissions Cut by 2050 in Brampton

The partnership between Nova Bus and Brampton Transit showcases the strength of collaboration in promoting sustainable urban development. By adopting the LFSe+ long-range electric bus, Brampton is not only prioritizing the health and well-being of its residents but also leading by example for other cities to emulate in the journey towards a more environmentally friendly future.



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