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Minority-owned EV charger repair firm ChargerHelp! keeps chargers working and expands equity by focusing on communities of color in technician training.
SWTCH Energy, a leader of EV charging in North America, secured $27.2 million in Series B funding to accelerate multifamily EV charging.
CBRE Group is working with Invisible Urban Charging to add EV chargers to commercial buildings, a growing business that aids EV adoption.
Paired Power sells the PairTree, an off-grid solar EV charger with Level 2 power and quick installation.
EV and charger communication failures deter EV adoption. An EV Charging Basecamp will test interoperability problems and eliminate charging failures.
Women buy far fewer EVs than men, citing charging safety as a concern. But a few changes to EV charging station design could make EVs more appealing to women.
EV school bus charging is moving forward significantly thanks to Nuvve Holding Corp, with the release of its 500th electric school bus EVSE.
Multifamily EV Charging, a very under-served market, offers opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. Some states have implemented “Right-to-Charge Laws”.
Curbside EV charging includes electric vehicle chargers attached to poles or street lights, offering a solution for crowded cities.
Multifamily EV charging has challenges due to various stakeholders but offers opportunities for innovative companies to grow.
velowave summer fun sale



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