Google EV Charger Map To Add More Features, Making Finding Charging Easier
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Google EV Charger Map To Add More Features, Making Finding Charging Easier

Woman standing next to EV plugging in to Juice charging station google EV charger map
  • Google Maps will add more detailed EV charger location info, including AI-generated instructions.
  • It will optimize EV charging location recommendations on multi-stop trips based on battery charge level.
  • It is unclear when new features will be available; many will initially be offered only in EVs with Google built-in, and it’s unclear if charger status will be included.

Google Maps is about to become a lot more EV-driver friendly with a new, more detailed EV charger map feature. But not all EV drivers will be able to access the info and it isn’t clear if a key detail — does the charger even work? — will be included.


Timed to coincide with Earth Day, on April 17 Google announced Maps would be providing more detailed information on electric vehicle charging stations’ locations, using artificial intelligence in some instances to create a very detailed EV charger map.

It’s not clear when all these cool new features will be available, however (some may be available now), other than “in coming months.”

EV Charger Map Gets Help From AI

Screen capture images from Google’s product update news blog.

To make it easier to locate EV charging in, say, parking garages, Google Maps will be adding an AI-generated description of an electric vehicle charging station’s exact location. The information will be based on user reviews (hopefully users are good at giving directions!). So, for example, if you’re in an underground parking garage Google cmight tell you: “Enter the underground parking, drive to level 2, turn left, and look for EV charging signs,” or whatnot.

You, too, can participate. Google said: “To help make these even more useful, reviews about chargers now prompt you for additional details about your experience, like what type of plug you used and how long you waited.” You could also complain that the charger didn’t work, I suppose.

EV Charging Map In Your Car

Image care of Hendrik Schuette

Google Maps “soon” will include real-time port availability and charger speed when it shows you nearby chargers on your in-car map. But only vehicles with Google built-in will get that feature initially.

That’s annoying for some EV drivers on Reddit, such as wxtrails, who replied to my query about the usefulness of a Google EV charger map, writing: “A lot of the most important features are only available in cars with Google maps built-in. Until I can use it on my phone in my Leaf, I’m stuck with ABRP or ChargeWay or the like.”


Hotels’ EV Charging Stations

Google also wants to make EV road trips more relaxing. It has expanded the Maps feature that suggests the best charging stops to include the best EV charging locations on a multi-stop trip based on your battery’s charge level. This will be available globally “in coming months” for vehicles with Google built-in.

Lastly, Google said it has added a new EV filter on that finds hotels on Search with electric vehicle charging stations. That will be useful, but hopefully it also includes information on the EV charger status.

Any Additional EV Charging Info Helps Boost EV Adoption

Image care of Daniel Andraski

Don’t get me wrong. Any new Google Maps features that enhance EV ownership are a good thing. The current Google Maps EV charging information is useful though it has drawbacks, according to Reddit user kyledag500, who wrote:

The experience is pretty good, decent filters and whatnot. Live status for supported charging operators (annoyingly not Electrify America or Tesla). Applies to both on my phone and in my car (Polestar 2 with Google Built-in). My biggest miss is EV routing in Google maps on my phone – although I can send a route from my phone to my car and the charging stops will get added then.

So cheers Google for making it easier to find electric vehicle charging stations but please let us know if the chargers are working. 



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