PairTree Off-Grid Solar EV Charger Delivers Level 2 Charging with Quick Installation
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PairTree Off-Grid Solar EV Charger Delivers Level 2 Charging with Quick Installation

Aerial view of PairTree Solar Panel for ev charging station, with car parked and charging.
  • The PairTree has bifacial solar panels and a 42.4 kWh energy storage system. 
  • The off-grid solar EV charger includes up to two Level 2 charging ports with up to 5.3 kW of speed. 
  • The PairTree is perfect for remote locations, like concert venues and military sites. 

Paired Power has developed the PairTree — an off-grid solar EV charger. The EV charger features a solar canopy, an energy storage system, and up to two AC Level 2 EV chargers. 


Powering the PairTree

The world’s first pop-up solar power EV charger doesn’t require electric grid connectivity. It features bifacial solar panels with a UL 9450-listed energy storage system. With the bifacial design, reflected light is absorbed by the bottom surfaces on each panel. The structural elements do not obstruct the ability to receive light. 

The solar panels have 4.6 kW units and the battery capacity maxes out at 42.4 kWh, which is substantial enough to provide between 75 and 230 miles of range — depending on the EV. The PairTree charging system delivers up to 5.3 kW, which is close to the charging speed of many Level 2 chargers. 

Durability and Reliability

PairTree developed the system to operate within a range of temperatures. It functions in temperatures as cold as -6.6° C (20° F) and 48.8° C (120° F).

As a stand-alone power source, the PairTree solar charging system is perfect for rural, off-grid locations, as well as remote concert venues, military sites, and areas damaged by natural disasters.

Setting up one of these EV charging stations takes about four hours. 

Accessing the Charging System

Users access the charging station through a secure smartphone app. According to Paired Power CEO Tom McCalmont, the app uses encrypted cloud security to protect users’ data. 

An off-grid solar system isn’t cheap, as the starting price for the PairTree system is $26,000. Installation costs an average of $5,000, and some systems can cost over $70,000 depending on the battery size and number of chargers.

But, don’t let the price deter you from purchasing one, as some customers could be eligible for a 40% tax credit with the Inflation Reduction Act.



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