Nuvve Accelerates Electric School Bus Charging With 500th EVSE Deployed
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Nuvve Accelerates Electric School Bus Charging With 500th EVSE Deployed

Nuvve EVSE in a row with electric school buses parked next to them ready to be charged.
  • Electric school bus charging is moving forward significantly thanks to Nuvve Holding Corp.
  • Nuvve Holding Corp. celebrated an impressive milestone with the deployment of its 500th electric school bus EVSE.
  • The Nuvve K-12 business unit achieved the 500-connected milestone in record time.

On Jan. 31, 2024, Nuvve Holding Corp. celebrated an impressive milestone with the deployment of their 500th electric school bus electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), moving electric school bus charging forward. This significant step forward in the electrification of transportation is powered by Nuvve’s proprietary vehicle-to-grid (V2G) platform. Their innovative GIVe™ software enables bidirectional, smart charging, empowering school districts to manage energy consumption efficiently and potentially return electricity to the grid during peak demand.


Cost Savings and Greener Transit for Area Schools

It is projected that the integration of Nuvve’s V2G technology will lead to considerable cost savings for school districts using electric school bus charging. The operating expenses of electric buses are markedly lower than those of traditional diesel buses, not just in fuel costs through EV school bus charging but also through reduced maintenance requirements.

Image care of Nuvve.

The commitment to cleaner, greener school transportation continues, with Orange Unified School District stepping forward once more in its environmental stewardship. To boost their existing fleet infrastructure, the district placed an order for 13 Nuvve Level 2 “PowerPort” chargers, along with three 60 kW chargers. This decision builds on their previous 2021 purchase of 15 similar PowerPort chargers, which currently support their fleet of 15 electric school buses. 

These vehicles were integrated over the 2021 and 2022 school years from Blue Bird Corporation, which is recognized for its trailblazing efforts in electric and low-emission buses. 

More Electric Buses Coming

Image care of Blue Bird.

Looking to the future, Orange Unified shows no signs of slowing down; with two additional electric buses on order, they are unswervingly paving the way for a cleaner environment by planning expansions to their EV school bus fleet, ensuring a commitment not just to sustainability, but also to the welfare of their students and community.

With its dedicated K-12 business unit, Nuvve has recently celebrated a significant achievement: connecting 500 electric school buses in a remarkably short span of time. Buoyed by these successes and third-party forecasts that signal ongoing, robust growth in electric school bus deployments, Nuvve is well-positioned to capitalize on electric school bus charging.

In 2024, the company is expected to see a surge in demand for its EVSE technology, potentially leading to substantial growth in its revenues and a solidified presence in the sustainable school transportation industry.



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