Episode 288 with Ryan Basseri of Rywire - Creating Your Own Lane
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Episode 288 with Ryan Basseri of Rywire – Creating Your Own Lane

Image of Electrify Podcast episode 288 with Jarod DeAnda and Ryan Basseri of Rywire Motorsport Electronics
  • Ryan Basseri shifted from ICE to EV expertise at Rywire Motorsport Electronics.
  • His wiring skills seamlessly translated into crafting efficient EV systems.
  • Collaborations with Bisimoto Engineering led to innovative custom electric vehicles.

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In a world where the symphony of roaring combustion engines has long been the soundtrack of speed, a quiet but revolutionary transformation is unfolding. Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly rewriting the rules of the road, captivating the imaginations of both car enthusiasts and industry innovators. Ryan Basseri, the mastermind behind Rywire Motorsport Electronics, has embraced this electrifying paradigm shift and is redefining the boundaries of automotive engineering. In this episode of Electrify Podcast, host Jarod DeAnda delves deep into Basseri’s remarkable journey, tracing his transition from the realm of gasoline engines to the electrifying frontlines of EV innovation.

Challenging the Status Quo: From Gasoline Engines to Electric Dreams

Basseri’s pivot from the world of internal combustion engines (ICE) to the electrifying frontier of EVs might seem unexpected. However, his journey is a testament to his insatiable curiosity and relentless pursuit of knowledge. “The EV stuff was so foreign to me,” he admits candidly. With his characteristic determination, he tackled this new challenge head-on, defying convention and venturing into uncharted territory.

A Seamless Confluence: Blending ICE Wisdom with EV Innovation

Surprisingly, Basseri discovered that his expertise at Rywire in the intricacies of ICE systems seamlessly translated into the realm of EVs. His mastery of engine harnesses, wiring looms and acute attention to detail proved invaluable in crafting elegant and efficient EV systems. Principles of power distribution and cooling systems, honed through years of ICE engineering, found new life in the electrified landscape. This cross-learning emphasized that the art of engineering knows no engine type limitations.

Collaborative Pioneering: Electrifying Partnerships with Rywire

Photo of the Toyo Tires booth at Electrify Showoff in Long Beach with Bisimoto's Porsche and Rywire's Honda Civic
Photo of the Toyo Tires booth at Electrify Showoff in Long Beach with Bisimoto’s Porsche and Rywire’s Honda Civic

Basseri’s journey was enriched through dynamic collaborations with industry luminaries, such as Bisi Ezerioha of Bisimoto Engineering. Together, they pushed the boundaries of EV engineering, embracing the collective spirit of curiosity and innovation. These collaborations served as a driving force, propelling Basseri further into the EV realm.

From Vision to Reality: The Unveiling of Electrifying Creations

Photo of Ryan Basseri's Rywire Honda S2000 EV and Tjin Edition's Ford Mach-E at Industry Day 2023 in Long Beach
Photo of Ryan Basseri’s Rywire Honda S2000 EV and Tjin Edition’s Ford Mach-E at Industry Day 2023 in Long Beach

A pivotal moment in Basseri’s journey was the creation of his custom-built electric Honda S2000. This masterpiece embodies his commitment to blending aesthetics, performance, and groundbreaking innovation. “It’s not just about making an electric car; it’s about making it better than what was before,” he articulates passionately. Every facet of his projects bridges the divide between the nostalgia of ICE-powered classics and the cutting-edge world of electrification.

Charting New Paths: Rywire is Pioneering Accessible EV Kits

Photo of Ryan Basseri of Rywire's Telsa Honda Civic EG in the Toyo Tires booth at Electrify Expo 2023 in Long Beach
Photo of Ryan Basseri of Rywire’s Telsa Honda Civic EG in the Toyo Tires booth at Electrify Expo 2023 in Long Beach

Looking toward the horizon, Basseri envisions a future where EVs are not only accessible but customizable. His upcoming ventures include the development of EV kits, democratizing electrification and empowering enthusiasts to embark on their own electric odysseys. These partnerships, including collaborations with Turn 14 Distribution, are poised to reshape how enthusiasts engage with and experience the world of EVs.

A Legacy of Electrifying Innovation

Ryan Basseri’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, knowledge, and pushing boundaries. His story reminds us that innovation thrives when we dare to traverse uncharted territory, applying lessons learned from the past to create a future that’s as electrifying as it is exciting. As the road ahead merges the legacies of ICE and EVs, pioneers like Basseri illuminate the way forward, inspiring a new generation to redefine the rules of the road.

Join us as we continue to navigate the electrifying highways of automotive evolution, unraveling the narratives of trailblazers who are shaping the future of mobility – one electrifying chapter at a time.

For more information on Ryan Basseri and Rywire Motorsport Electronics, visit https://www.rywire.com, and follow him on social media: @rywire_motorsport_electronics.


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