EV Adoption Passes Historic One Million Sold Year-To-Date in U.S.
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EV Adoption Passes Historic One Million Sold Year-To-Date in U.S.

Couple sitting in front seat of EV considering EV adoption at Electrify Expo
  • In 2023, the U.S. achieved its first-ever historic milestone of selling over one million EVs in a year, marking a significant breakthrough in EV adoption.
  • Year-over-year, BEV sales increased by 50.7% through the first 11 months of 2023, totaling 1,007,984 units sold.
  • EV adoption challenges include education for dealers and customers, charging infrastructure concerns, and speed vs. refueling differences.

Those who don’t support EV revolution had a very bad day yesterday when recent news about EV adoption spread like wildfire around the United States and then the globe. That news was that EVs passed the historic one million sold this year in the U.S. This is the first time that this landmark event has happened.

BEV sales increased 50.7% year-over-year through the first 11 months of 2023, totaling 1,007,984. This is resounding, undeniable, irrefutable proof that EV adoption has not slowed. Reports saying the EV industry is dying out have been completely, undeniably debunked. It’s very clear now that EV adoption is here to stay, and not only that, it is absolutely thriving.

The Momentous News Came From the National Automobile Dealer Association

Attendee at Electrify Expo sits in a new Kia EV for the first time.

The momentous news came directly from NADA’s Market Beat, produced by the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA). The report was produced by NADA’s Industry Analysis division. NADA Market Beat is a monthly report on U.S. new light vehicle sales. The report replaces the NADA Monthly Sales Recap, which formerly gave similar statistics.


Auto dealers have recently faced a lot of criticism from EV adoption advocates. Many reports from buyers saying they have met auto dealer representatives with no knowledge of electric vehicles (EVs) have surfaced.

A large number of complaints have accused auto dealers of intentionally steering customers away from EVs. Many of the complaints claim that because gas-powered, internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are easier to sell, dealers are focusing on ICE for that reason.

It’s very clear that massive education is needed for both buyers and dealers so that buyers can confidently enter the process with good information and solutions to problems. This education would help the dealers as well, making the sale of EVs easier and more seamless by providing salespeople with authoritative knowledge of EVs and their current challenges. Dealers could then advise buyers on important issues, such as charging, which is a significant barrier to EV adoption at the moment.

Nearly 4,000 Car Dealers Complained Too Many Unsold EVs Were Piling up on Their Lots

In November 2023, nearly 4,000 car dealers expressed their discontent regarding the federal government’s increased support of electric vehicles in recent years. They expressed their concerns by sending a letter to President Biden, urging a reassessment and slowdown of the rapid EV implementation strategy.

The dealerships cited the accumulation of unsold EVs on their premises as a pressing issue, claiming an overestimated demand for EVs, and mentioned concerns about the complexities associated with selling them. These claims are dubious, given the NADA EV sales statistics.


Tesla’s NACS Has Emerged as the Standard

Tesla Supercharger with white car being charged, with more brands embracing NACS compatibility, it's important not to have broken EV chargers.

Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), currently being standardized as SAE J3400, is also known as the Tesla charging standard. Because a standard EV charging plug was not mandated by the government, the NACS plug competed with the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. The CCS was widely used for DC fast-charging in North America at non-Tesla charging stations.

A majority of companies have announced planned adoption of the NACS as of December 2023, making it the de facto standard. An EV adoption barrier remains because of this, as EV drivers struggle with confusion over which charging stations they can use and which adapters they need. Tesla opened a number of its stations to other manufacturers’ vehicles in 2023, which assisted in solving the plug standardization barrier.

Reliability of Charging Stations Is a Significant Barrier

Reports of non-operational EV stations around the U.S. have multiplied in recent years. As a result, in September 2023, the federal government opened applications for the Electric Vehicle Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator, providing up to $100 million to repair and replace the non-operational EV charging infrastructure nationwide.


EV Charging Speed Is Significantly Slower Than Pumping Gas

A DCFC EV charging unit offers a high charging speed, and these units can typically replenish up to 80% of an EV’s battery in 20-30 minutes. However, this is much more than the 5-minute average refueling time for gas vehicles. Americans are having a really hard time adjusting to this.

Addressing the Urgent Need for Expanded EV Charging Infrastructure

EV car charging in parking lot
Kindel Media

Shortage of EV charging for multi-family residents and city dwellers is a challenge, requiring a substantial increase in charging stations. According to the latest Census Bureau report for Q3 2023, the homeownership rate stands at 66.0%. Meanwhile, Worldometer data indicates a total U.S. population of 340,790,862 as of 12/7/2023. This leaves a substantial portion of drivers without access to home EV charging, which is the most convenient option. Rural areas lack charging, adding to EV owner concerns. The government is working on nationwide solutions for EV accessibility.

Many obstacles are being worked on, including the ongoing issue of EV models being more expensive than traditional ICE vehicles. It will take time to find solutions, so current EV adopters may still face challenges. If you’re thinking about buying an EV, it’s a good idea to seek advice from experienced EV drivers who can provide valuable insights, according to EV adoption experts.

Electrify Expo: Your Hub for EV Enthusiasm

Electrify Expo, North America’s largest EV festival, is the epicenter for EV enthusiasts, industry experts, and curious consumers eager to explore the future of transportation. It’s a unique platform where visitors can effortlessly experience the latest EV innovations.

Electrify Expo offers two significant advantages for attendees, making it a must-visit event for anyone interested in EVs:

  • Extensive Model Comparisons and Test Drives: Electrify Expo lets consumers compare and test-drive a variety of EV models, saving them multiple dealership visits and offering a one-stop exploration of EV choices.
  • Direct Access to OEM Representatives: Electrify Expo gathers OEM representatives who share detailed insights into their EV offerings, answering questions and empowering consumers with vital information for confident EV decisions.

2024 Expansion:

Electrify Expo is set to expand further in 2024, adding three new cities to its U.S. tour, starting in Orlando, and reaching cities like Phoenix, Denver, Long Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and ending in Austin, Texas. This expansion underscores Electrify Expo’s commitment to promoting EV awareness and adoption in new regions, solidifying its position as the premier North American EV event.



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