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North America’s largest electric vehicle festival went to Long Island, NY this past weekend, and brought plenty of EV eye candy!
Get ready, kids — because the Electrify Expo is coming to New York, and the Electrify News team will be there, live!
Another fantastic weekend at Electrify Expo is in the books – this time, the show conquered an all-new EV market: Seattle!
Electrify Expo brings the latest electric vehicles from the hottest EV brands to one place – and now, that includes Kia!
Recreational boating just got quieter, cleaner, and a whole lot faster— thanks to the power of electric motors and one BIG Ingenity battery!
Kids of all ages will get the chance to experience the hottest new electric ride-ons in the Hover-1 Kids Zone, only at the Electrify Expo!
Industry Day delivers insights from e-mobility pioneers, and an afternoon of exclusive product demos, test drives, press briefings, and more.
T-mobile tech delivers 5G data, in‑car Wi‑Fi in new BMW iX and i4.
The biggest e-mobility festival gets bigger!
Electrify Expo invades Austin, TX with Industry Day, live interviews, and more!



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