Automakers' Record Number of EV Demos at Electrify Expo Orlando Signals Soaring Demand
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Automakers’ Record Number of EV Demos at Electrify Expo Orlando Signals Soaring Demand

Electrify Expo electrifies audience with record breaking EV showcase in Orlando on March 16 and 17 2024
  • Electrify Expo drew massive crowds at their 2024 Season Opener in Orlando, featuring top brands like Tesla, Rivian, Volvo, Ford, Kia, Amazon, Rad Power Bikes, Super73, and many others.
  • Rivian’s R2 SUV, Tesla’s Cybertruck, and new EV models from Kia and Volvo were among the highlights, showcasing the latest innovations in electric vehicles.
  • Thousands micromobility demos were conducted, highlighting the Electrify Expo’s role in promoting e-bikes, scooters, and skateboards alongside EV cars, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainable urban transportation.

Electrify Expo Orlando marked its first appearance in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida on March 16-17. As North America’s largest electric vehicle (EV) festival, the event spanned over 1 million square feet, hosting the world’s leading brands and showcasing thousands of EV cars and two-wheel demos. Record numbers of Floridians made their way out to Orlando for the first time to experience all-things electric across multiple demo courses, including the EV Demo District Presented by Hankook, as the state continues to be No.2 in the country in EV adoption, highlighting the growing enthusiasm for electric cars throughout the state.


Electrify Expo Debut of Rivian R2 SUV, Tesla Cybertruck, EV Demo District Presented by Hankook, and More in Orlando

Among the highlights of Electrify Expo in Orlando was the debut of Rivian’s highly anticipated R2 SUV, capturing the attention of attendees as it made its East Coast debut. Adding to the excitement, Tesla’s Cybertruck was on full display, allowing attendees to get up close and personal with the polarizing full-size electric pickup truck. Kia and Volvo also made a splash with displaying their latest EV models, including Kia’s EV9 and Volvo’s EX30.

Ford returned to the Expo with the Thrill Zone, offering attendees the exciting opportunity to take a hot lap in the Mustang Mach-E GT alongside professional drivers. The event also featured an impressive lineup of brands such as BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Yokohama, Hankook, JackRabbit, Anker, among others, showcasing their latest products and technologies.

Attendees had the unique opportunity to capture a moment with NBA legend Tony Battie at the Kia booth. As they explored the expansive showcase of EVs and innovative technologies, attendees paused to take a selfie with the esteemed basketball player. The presence of Tony Battie added an extra layer of excitement, further enhancing the experience for automotive enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

“The turnout in Orlando was massive and it’s evidence that EV demand is growing fast,” BJ Birtwell, CEO and founder of Electrify Expo, expressed his enthusiasm for the overwhelming turnout. “People are more interested than ever in exploring the idea around what it means to go ‘electric’ and to experience the thrill and technology of these amazing vehicles.”

Empowering Tomorrow: The Amazon Recharge Zone at Electrify Expo Orlando

One of the most anticipated segments of Electrify Expo was the Amazon Recharge Zone, featuring insightful panels moderated by Matt Teske of Chargeway. The panel discussions covered various aspects of energy independence, e-bike mobility, and the future of electric vehicles. Key speakers included representatives from Leviton Chargers, ChargePros, Anker, Monday Motorbike, Land Moto, JackRabbit, and Sun Run, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of electric transportation.

Micro-Mobility Momentum: Electrify Expo Orlando Rides the Wave of Electric Transport Success

In addition to showcasing EV cars, Electrify Expo Orlando also celebrated the growing trend of micromobility with a dedicated area for electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards. The micromobility exhibitors at Electrify Expo Orlando reported significant success, with thousands of micromobility demos and specific feedback applauding the event’s impact on product innovation and market insights.

Stacyc praised the new setup with air bumpers, saying it was something they hadn’t realized they needed until trying it out in Orlando. Stromer, the main e-bike sponsor, lent the Electrify Expo staff four ST5 ebikes for the season, drawing continuous attention and demo ride interest. LAND Moto found the event operations smooth and noted strong interest in their District Street model, especially from women and smaller riders due to its lowered height.

2Swift had a lot of demos across all age groups, showing wide appeal. Monday Motorbikes liked the event’s layout and staff. AIMA got positive reactions to their prototype Santa Monica ebike, which helped shape future models. Rad Power had plenty of demos and looked forward to future events, showing overall satisfaction with the Orlando Expo.


Abe Chung, Business Development Executive at Electrify Expo, emphasized the significance of the event for micromobility exhibitors, stating, “The Electrify Expo in Orlando was a standout event, especially for our micromobility exhibitors. They showcased e-motorcycles, e-bikes, and PEVs to an eager audience, leading in thousands of micromobility demos. This demonstrates the huge interest in electric transport, not just EVs. Unlike any other event, we offer unmatched exposure and direct engagement, allowing customers to truly experience the products. Our exhibitors valued this hands-on approach, confirming Electrify Expo as the top choice for brands aiming to influence the electric mobility market.” He highlighted the opportunity for brands to directly engage with consumers and influence the electric mobility market.

Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama: A Showcase of Innovation and Customization

Tesla Model 3 and Ford Mustang Mach-E at Electrify Showoff at Electrify Expo Orlando 2024

The excitement continued with Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama, featuring an impressive display of custom electric cars and bikes, drawing enthusiasts and spectators alike into a world of automotive innovation and customization.

One standout was Team Ruined, whose dominance in the custom vehicle scene continued to impress with their national representation of custom EVs. Their diverse range of vehicles not only showcased imaginative modifications but also captured the essence of electric mobility with style and flair.

JackRabbit Zone microbike ebike demo at Electrify Expo Orlando 2024

Adding to the excitement was the introduction of the JackRabbit Zone, a new addition that provided attendees with a hands-on experience like no other. Here, attendees had the chance to test ride JackRabbit bikes around a fun obstacle course, engaging themselves in the excitement of electric micromobility firsthand. Attendees of all ages rushed to this new zone at Electrify Expo in Orlando, excited for the opportunity to explore this emerging segment of electric transportation.

A Showcase of Automotive Innovation and Interactive Experiences

Throughout Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama, the show floor saw high activity as exhibitors showcased an impressive variety of custom vehicles, aftermarket products, and the latest in electric mobility technology. From stylish Teslas with custom wraps to a Honda Odyssey minivan with Tesla electric conversion, every vehicle shared a different story of innovation and skill.

Top Gear UK (distributed by Performance Auto Sport) brought the rumble to Teslas with their Thor EV exhaust sound generator. Zoom Urban Gear showcased customizable electric scooter options for urban mobility. Envii Modz presented cooling solutions for mini e-bikes, while Coating Designs offered personalized garage flooring. Tint World displayed with their expertly applied color wraps and displayed Sony’s aftermarket car audio options. Meanwhile, Mats for That unveiled new innovations in aftermarket floor mats. These exhibitors contributed to Electrify Expo’s diverse offerings, enhancing the experience for automotive enthusiasts.

Attendees were also treated to a wide range of giveaways and interactive experiences, courtesy of the Electrify Showoff’s presenting partners – Yokohama Tire, Meguiars, AlloyGator, POR-15.


The Yokohama Tire booth served as a focal point of Electrify Showoff, drawing crowds with its display of the latest ADVAN EV-specific tire line and showcasing award-winning vehicles from Ruined. Super73’s lounge provided a chill spot for enthusiasts to relax and admire custom e-bikes, while Jawns on Fire, Godplzr, and Arumedia brought the heat with the latest sneaker and apparel trends.

Tesla Model 3 at Electrify Showoff at Electrify Expo Orlando 2024

“2024 kicked off with a bang in Orlando this past weekend, and we continued what we started building in 2023! Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama has grown to new heights, and year two is shaping up to be another one for the record books. We are grateful and thankful for our amazing partners, especially Yokohama Tire, who is our presenting partner for Showoff, and all the show participants that continue to come from all over the country to our events,” celebrated Neil Tjin, the Director of Electrify Showoff.

“Orlando was amazing, from the custom cars, bikes, golf carts, conversions (they converted Honda Odyssey with Tesla setup was one of my favorites), to the all new Jack Rabbit Zone! The competition wasn’t just fierce for the Best of Show, but also for Best Micro-Bike, and the ever popular Best Kicks. Ruined continued their dominance, and took home Best Crew (again), and they are telling me that they are coming out even stronger for Phoenix and LB! Overall Orlando was a huge success, thank you to all the exhibitors, spectators, and competitors that came out to support Showoff, and to all the winners… a huge congrats!”

Award Winners of Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama at Electrify Expo Orlando

Best FrunkAnthony Lopes2021 Tesla Model 3
Best Audio presented by Tint WorldSturgis Griffin2021 Tesla Model Y Performance
Best Performance presented by Top GearRandy Hoover2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Paint presented by MeguiarsWilliam Madayag2021 Tesla Model 3
Best Wrap / GraphicsJason Halvorsen2021 Mustang Mach-E GT
Best Interior presented by MATSErol Brenes2023 Tesla Model Y Performance
Best Wheel/Tire package presented by Alloy GatorAnthony Lopes2021 Tesla Model 3
Best StanceDante Lee2020 Tesla Model 3
Best E-Bike presented by Super 73Luis RolonSuper73 RX
Best MotorcycleMarcel Lilavois2024 Custom Build
Best Scooter / Micro Bike presented by Jack RabbitJason Halvorsen2023 JackRabbit
Best SUVSturgis Griffin2021 Tesla Model Y Performance
Best TruckRebecca Echevarria2023 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe
Best Vendor VehicleJason Halvorsen2021 Mustang Mach-E GT
Best EV Conversion presented by POR 15Mike Bernstein2018 Custom Electric Camera Car
Best Outdoor Rec presented by Falken TiresMike LaBree2023 Rivian R1T
Best Kicks presented by JawnsWilliam Madayag
Best SedanElijah Berry2023 Tesla Model 3
Best CrewRuined
Best of Show presented by YokohamaWilliam Madayag2021 Tesla Model 3

Exploring the Great Outdoors: Outdoor Rec Presented by Falken Tires

Outdoor Rec Presented by Falken Tires provided a dynamic platform for enthusiasts to explore and engage with a wide range of outdoor recreational vehicles and activities. From rugged off-road trucks and SUVs to adventurous trailers and camping setups, this section of the event catered to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest innovations in outdoor gear and equipment, including rooftop tents, portable power solutions, camping accessories, and more. Outdoor Rec featured special showcases and activities tailored to different outdoor interests, such as off-roading demonstrations, wilderness survival workshops, fishing and hunting gear exhibits, and even eco-friendly camping solutions. Whether attendees were seasoned outdoor adventurers or newcomers looking to explore the great outdoors, Outdoor Rec Presented by Falken Tires offered something for everyone to enjoy and discover.


Looking ahead, Electrify Expo promises to continue its mission of promoting electric mobility and fostering innovation in the automotive industry. With future events planned in Phoenix, Los Beach, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Austin, Electrify Expo is set to further accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and shape the future of transportation.

The next Electrify Expo tour stop is set for May 4-5 at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, marking the festival’s debut in Arizona. As the home of the 2023 Super Bowl, the venue promises an exciting backdrop for the largest EV festival in North America. Secure your tickets at For additional details and ticket purchases, visit



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