Episode 322 with Honda Pro Jason: Electrifying Honda
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Episode 322 with Honda Pro Jason: Electrifying Honda

Promotional image for Electrify Podcast Episode 322 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Honda Pro Jason, titled Electrifying Honda

In Electrify Podcast Episode 322, host Jarod DeAnda engages with Honda Pro Jason, a seasoned Honda enthusiast and commentator, diving into Honda’s stance in the EV world, Jason’s affinity for Honda, and the ongoing evolution of electric vehicles (EVs).

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Jarod acknowledges the perception that Honda and EVs aren’t synonymous, yet recognizes Jason’s unique perspective as someone who marches to the beat of his own drum. Jason admits he has minimal experience with electric vehicles firsthand, but he shows he really knows his stuff from driving Honda EVs around Europe. He candidly admits, “I don’t really have any experience with EV honestly,” highlighting the gap in EV familiarity even among enthusiasts.

Then the conversation shifts to Honda’s important role in the history of cars, touching on iconic names like VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) and the Honda Insight, the first hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) introduced in America. While discussing potential partnerships and the Honda Prologue EV, Jason points out the importance of tackling the cost hurdle for widespread EV adoption, and he applauds Honda’s strategic direction in this area.

2024 Honda Prologue Elite, front driving profile

Jarod reflects on Honda’s diverse product range and its focus on efficiency, contrasting it with other manufacturers. He mentions the potential Honda-Nissan EV partnership for affordable electric cars. Jason notes Honda’s recent split with GM and speculates on a partnership with Nissan for cost-effective EV production. They discuss the Honda Prologue’s tax credit eligibility and price range, considering its place in Honda’s lineup. 

Reflecting on his personal journey with Honda, Jason remembers his family’s pivotal purchase of a 1987 Honda Accord LXI, which ignited his passion for the brand. He reminisces about his first Honda purchase, a 1994 Honda Accord Coupe EXL, and his twenty-year career as a Honda salesman that followed.


The conversation transitions to the recent release of the Integra, a highly anticipated model that fell short of expectations for many enthusiasts. Jason critiques Honda’s execution, expressing regret over the missed chance to inject the Integra with the essence of its legendary predecessors.

Despite his disappointment, Jason’s loyalty to the Honda brand stays strong. He looks forward to new releases like the Integra-based SUV, suggesting that Honda might make a comeback in the performance market.

Image showcasing Honda 0 Series EV Concepts Saloon and Space-Hub

Honda Pro Jason discusses Honda’s future plans, mentioning the Vision 0 Series, EVs, and upcoming models like the Prelude, set to be released in 2025 as a hybrid performance-based vehicle. He also talks about the Motocompacto, an EV concept inspired by a previous Honda City accessory, highlighting its uniqueness and practicality.

Jason acknowledges the need for infrastructure development for EVs, highlighting the importance of accessibility to charging stations and the evolving consumer experience.

Honda Motocompacto front side view

Jarod and Jason discuss the broader automotive industry, mentioning other EV models like the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Hyundai IONIQ. They reflect on the emotional connection people have with cars and the need for a seamless transition to EVs while maintaining the sensory experience of driving.

Throughout the conversation, both speakers share personal anecdotes and insights into their experiences with cars, demonstrating their passion for Honda vehicles and the automotive community as a whole.



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