Navistar SuperTruck II: Paving the Road to Sustainable Trucking
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Navistar SuperTruck II: Paving the Road to Sustainable Trucking

Navistar Supertruck II in parking lot
  • Navistar’s International SuperTruck II achieves 16 mpg fuel efficiency and a 170% freight efficiency boost compared to its prior test model.
  • The project emphasizes hybridization and advanced aerodynamics, along with high-voltage electrification in collaboration with Bosch Engine, setting the stage for a fully electric future.
  • The SuperTruck II features a composite trailer and engine improvements to push for greater efficiency in the trucking sector.

Navistar, a manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, and engines, has unveiled the results of the International® SuperTruck II project. The undertaking was a collaborative effort with the U.S. Department of Energy. The SuperTruck has proven to be an innovative approach to commercial trucking when it comes to freight efficiency.

Advancing Efficiency, One Mile at a Time

 SuperTruck II at Navistar

The International SuperTruck II isn’t an ordinary truck – it’s a high-tech design meant to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce the freight sector’s reliance on fossil fuels. The project’s aim was clear: revolutionize the Class 8 vehicle market by harnessing hybrid technology and aerodynamic enhancements.

The SuperTruck II has an impressive 16 mpg fuel efficiency. While that might not sound like much, according to the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, your standard Class 8 truck can expect to get just 7.24 mpg. Navistar also reported a 170% improvement in freight efficiency compared to the SuperTruck I. A marriage of innovative weight reduction techniques, advanced aerodynamics, and cutting-edge powertrain technologies has birthed a vehicle that could change how trucking relies on fossil fuels.

It’s no autonomous electric truck like the Kodiak Driver, but the SuperTruck II seems a bit closer to realization right now, what with Navistar’s testing.

Powering Toward Electrification

 SuperTruck II on road near wind turbines

At the heart of the SuperTruck II’s success is a profound commitment to electrification. By weaving high-voltage electrification into the hybrid equation, Navistar has paved the way for full electrification. The result? A truck that not only promises reduced emissions but also better total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational efficiency for customers.

A collaboration with Bosch Engine was instrumental in driving this electrified transformation. The SuperTruck II uses a hybrid system that marries a combustion engine with high-voltage accessories and technologies. Engine improvements, ranging from combustion enhancements to airflow optimizations, have led to a 2% fuel economy boost compared to its predecessor.

On the Road to Efficiency

 top front view of Navistar's SuperTruck II

Dean Oppermann, chief engineer of Advanced Truck at Navistar, proudly shared that the SuperTruck II isn’t just a high-tech marvel on the surface – even its trailer was tailored for precision. “It includes a 100% composite box designed for minimum aerodynamic drag with light weight, integrated cross members, controlled underbody flow with composite aero treatments, next-generation solar panels with connectivity options, and ride height control.”

Incorporating a full-system approach was the secret sauce to achieve an impressive 55.2% brake thermal efficiency. 

Beyond the Horizon

The SuperTruck II is part of Navistar’s grander vision to explore diverse technologies, from solid-state batteries to hydrogen fuel cells, and even autonomous driving capabilities. Their aim is to jumpstart a holistic transformation of the trucking ecosystem that considers every aspect from product development to infrastructure and support.

International SuperTruck II Video



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