XCMG Unveils Next-Gen Electric Shovel Excavator for Open Pit Mines
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XCMG Unveils Next-Gen Electric Shovel Excavator for Open Pit Mines

XCMG electric excavator
  • XCMG Machinery has introduced the XES35, a next-gen super 35m³ electric shovel excavator for open pit mining.
  • Weighing 1,100 tons, the XES35 boasts a 35m³ shovel bucket, loading 65 tons of ore per cycle.
  • With sustainability, reliability, and lower use costs as its focus, the XES35 could help revolutionize the mining industry.

In a groundbreaking leap for mining technology, XCMG Machinery has proudly unveiled the XES35, a next-generation super 35m³ electric shovel excavator. This new machinery is meant to redefine the landscape of open pit mining operations, boasting an array of technological upgrades that promise industry-leading performance.

Meeting Super Scale Demands

Weighing in at 1,100 tons and towering at a height of 18.5 meters, the XES35 stands tall – literally – as a symbol of the brand’s innovation goals. The excavator’s standard configuration includes a massive 35m³ shovel bucket, capable of loading 65 tons of ore in each cycle. Its design is attuned to pair seamlessly with mining dump trucks ranging from 220 to 330 tons in capacity, forming a formidable duo for super scale mining operations.

Yang Dongsheng, chairman of XCMG, shared his excitement about the project. “XCMG’s mining equipment R&D team has dived into both the market demand and technological innovation to launch the XES35 successfully, marking a new milestone for XCMG which now has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities for larger tonnage electric shovel excavators with a grasp of advanced core technologies, making XCMG a top four global manufacturer of electric shovel excavators.”

Electrifying Efficiency and Sustainability

Electric shovel excavators represent a transformative leap in efficiency and sustainability, tailor-made for the rigors of open pit mining. These giants of the industry can outshine their hydraulic counterparts, offering a jaw-dropping shovel bucket capacity of up to 70m³ and a service life that stretches a remarkable 20 years – twice the lifespan of hydraulic excavators. 

Plus, these electric marvels are not just performance powerhouses; they’re also supposed to be easy to maintain, with operational costs clocking in at just one-third of traditional excavators with equivalent capacities.

XCMG feels that the XES35 stands out for its intelligent operation, sustainability, reliability, operational comfort, and lower comprehensive use cost.

XCMG’s Own Evolution

XCMG’s mining equipment sector embarked on its independent journey in 2018, steadily growing its comprehensive portfolio of high-end, intelligent, unmanned, and electric equipment. Covering the entire spectrum of excavation, transportation, drilling, and more, XCMG has forged a trail of innovation. Their self-developed mining excavators, weighing in at 70 tons and above, now command a 50% market share in China.

We can see that multiple brands are pushing for electrifying the mining industry, and XCMG wants to lead the way.



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