Gage Zero Powers Forward with Innovative Fleet Electrification Solutions in Fontana
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Gage Zero Powers Forward with Innovative Fleet Electrification Solutions in Fontana

Kam-Way Transportation, Inc., a freight broker and asset-based truckload provider will use the Gage Zero Fontana hub to charge its fleet customers' electric trucks.
  • Gage Zero unveils a ZEV charging depot in Fontana, California, featuring high-speed chargers for heavy-duty trucks.
  • A partnership with Kam-Way to charge electric trucks at the Fontana hub, aligning with sustainability goals and California regulations.
  • Gage Zero not only provides charging infrastructure but also supports local workforce development and community organizations in the Inland Empire region.

Gage Zero proudly announces its state-of-the-art zero emission vehicle (ZEV) charging depot for heavy-duty electric trucks in Fontana, California. This significant achievement reflects Gage Zero’s ongoing dedication to transforming the transportation sector with innovative electrification solutions.


The Fontana hub, conveniently positioned in the center of California’s busy transportation network, is equipped with high-speed chargers tailored to meet the demanding needs of Class 8 trucks and other vehicles. This facility ensures electric fleet operators enjoy smooth and efficient charging experiences.

“We know California is leading the way for fleet electrification because of its policies, but we also understand the strain this puts on fleet owners and operators in the state,” states Zeina El-Azzi, Founder and CEO of Gage Zero. “Our goal is to create conveniently located, reliable charging sites that make it easier and more affordable for fleets to electrify, whether they are in a state mandating the transition or not.”

Partnering with Kam-Way Transportation, Inc. (Kam-Way), a leading freight broker and truckload provider with operations across the West coast, Gage Zero is ready to accelerate the shift to electric fleets. Kam-Way understands the importance of sustainability and meeting environmental regulations. They’re embracing this partnership to keep up with changing standards and meet customer needs.


“It’s incredible to have an electrification partner like Gage Zero help us navigate the complexity of the EV world,” expresses Kam Sihota, Founder and CEO of Kam-Way. “They have the capital, and more importantly, the experience to build out charging infrastructure in a smart, scalable way.”

Gage Zero’s innovative approach extends beyond providing charging solutions; it encompasses community empowerment and economic growth. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and social responsibility, Gage Zero pledges to support local workforce development and collaborate with community-based organizations in the Inland Empire region.

“Besides the health benefits from improved air quality, Gage Zero plans to support local workforce development and collaborate with community-based organizations in the Inland Empire region as part of the Fontana hub project,” shares El-Azzi.



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