TerrePower's State-of-the-Art Solar Panel Recycling Facility in Tennessee
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TerrePower’s State-of-the-Art Solar Panel Recycling Facility in Tennessee

TERREPOWER State-of-the-Art Solar Panel Recycling Facility in Tennessee
  • TerrePower introduces advanced solar panel recycling in Tennessee, showcasing commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing.
  • The Sparta facility processes up to 160,000 panels yearly with automated technology for efficient material separation.
  • TerrePower plans to recycle 8,000,000 pounds of solar waste annually, boosting environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

In an exciting move within the renewable energy field, TerrePower, a division of BBB Industries, has introduced a brand-new system for recycling solar panels at its facility in Tennessee. This step forward shows just how serious the company is about making their manufacturing process more environmentally friendly, and establishes a higher bar for handling the full life cycle of solar energy setups and electric vehicle (EV) batteries.


Maria Caballero, President of TerrePower, highlights the dual benefit of their innovative approach. “We can reduce environmental waste by getting the most value out of the original component before it’s recycled,” Caballero explains. This idea forms the basis of the company’s plan to make critical materials last longer, reducing waste and making the most of resources.

Located in Sparta, Tennessee, the newly launched facility is equipped to handle up to 160,000 solar panels annually, with expectations for a significant increase as operations expand. The technology implemented allows for the complete separation of materials like aluminum, glass, precious metals, silicon, and plastic, which are then prepared for reuse in various industries.

The process differs significantly from traditional recycling methods by incorporating fully automated machinery. This addition not only improves efficiency but also supports TerrePower’s holistic approach to waste management. “With the addition of our fully automated recycling machine, it now enables us to address the solar waste issue while complementing our existing sustainable manufacturing process,” Caballero adds.


In the past year, TerrePower has recycled over 2,000,000 pounds of solar panels through partnerships. By putting its own recycling abilities into action, the company plans to recycle an impressive 8,000,000 pounds of solar waste each year. This effort will significantly boost TerrePower’s environmental influence and support its goal of promoting a circular economy.

The Sparta facility’s comprehensive recycling capabilities extend to both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. TerrePower works closely with a variety of partners to repurpose separated materials, using recycled glass in construction projects and aluminum in local applications.

“Our goal is to divert solar waste from landfills and utilize waste streams efficiently,” says Caballero. She further highlights the integrated service model that allows TerrePower to manage everything from refurbishment to recycling under one roof, significantly scaling up the company’s recycling efforts.



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