Yadea Kemper Debuts World’s Fastest-Charging Electric Motorcycle
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Yadea Kemper Debuts World’s Fastest-Charging Electric Motorcycle

Yadea Kemper

22-year-old motorized two-wheel manufacturer Yadea, based in China, has just announced their new Kemper electric motorcycle at EICMA, the big motorcycle show in Milan. Yadea mostly makes electric, Vespa-style scooters for the Asian and European markets, but they did have one motorcycle, the Keeness. Until now. 

The Kemper is a sporty bike that offers a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds, not as quick as most ICE bikes, but reasonably quick, and a top speed of 99 mph. They don’t say if that’s electronically limited or not. It has a 23kW motor (40kW peak) and an efficient IGBT controller. It is estimated that it will retail for $15,000 to $20,000 Euros ($16,000-$22,000 US).

Control And Comfort

With advanced safety features like Bosch’s dual-channel ABS and traction control system, along with Brembo high-performance brake calipers, the KEMPER ensures precise control and reliable braking. KYB shock absorbers provide a comfortable ride with durable suspension, enhancing stability and handling for everyday rides and in emergencies.

Yadea Kemper Connectivity

Yadea Kemper boasts a futuristic riding experience with its Yadea Smart Assistant. This includes a smartphone app for keyless entry, GPS tracking, and security alerts. The bike’s 7-inch touchscreen displays vital information on the go, like battery life and tire pressure. Additionally, its high-definition dash cam records and automatically saves video during accidents.


Fast Charging

But what really sets the Kemper apart is that the 320V 20Ah (6.4 kWh) lithium iron phosphate battery charges insanely fast. It can charge up to 80% in ten minutes. TEN MINUTES! This is the kind of technology that will help drive the adoption of electric vehicles very quickly. As of this writing, there is no listed range for the battery.

If you think about it, if you have fast chargers where you ride, 10 minutes is a nice break every so often. That’s not even time to order and drink a cup of coffee. Range anxiety fades this way.

Yadea had quite a presence at EICMA.

I’m also guessing that the Kemper won’t be available in the U.S. Yadea has dealerships in Asia and Europe, and a handful in Central America so far. Given the specs, I’d really like to try one. Electric motorcycle technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. Seeing the demo of the Super73 C1X motorcycle prototype charging from 30 to 80% in about 15 minutes this spring is starting to get where we need to be for motorcycles. I think we’re going to see massive charging technology improvements in the next couple of years.



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