LAND Drops Motorcycles Prices In Time For The Holidays
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LAND Drops Motorcycles Prices In Time For The Holidays

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LAND, the innovative Cleveland-based electric mobility and portable battery manufacturer, just announced a significant price reduction for its flagship e-Moto, The District Street. This announcement comes as the company launches its second production run of their electric motorcycle, just in time for the holiday season. The latest iteration of The District maintains the exceptional quality and lightweight design that LAND is known for but is now enhanced with new performance and lifestyle accessories.


Scott Colosimo, the Founder and CEO of LAND, attributes this price drop to the successful scaling of production and growth in the sales network, fueled by recent investments. “Incoming investment has helped us stabilize and scale production and grow our sales network, and in turn, lower costs,” LAND Founder and CEO Scott Colosimo says. “When we prioritize in-house design and innovation, it’s a win for everyone— our customers, our investors and our team.”

LAND recently took on some funding from investors and used that capital to significantly increase its production volume. This expansion is centered at LAND’s headquarters in the heart of Cleveland. Alongside production enhancements, the company has welcomed Cody Dumont as the Vice President of Sales and Experience, strengthening its executive team. While LAND continues to see steady production and sales growth, its Head of Design, Evan Painter, remains focused on one of the company’s core missions: refining the design of both the bike and the battery to meet evolving customer needs.

The second production run of The District introduces several performance upgrades, such as the LAND brake system, a fully adjustable suspension, and performance drive kits. These enhancements aim to elevate the riding experience by offering improved control and adaptability. Additionally, the bike now includes lifestyle features like an onboard charger and Power Tap, which transforms the battery into a mobile power station capable of charging other devices. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders who spend a significant amount of time outdoors or off-grid, as it provides a reliable, portable energy source.

“LAND has a customer-first culture,” Painter says. “We think about the barriers people face to becoming a rider, whether it’s the size and weight of the bike or the price, and work to provide solutions to make it easy for everyone to experience electric mobility.”

The District shows off LAND’s commitment to merging style with functionality. Weighing just 200 pounds and offering a range of up to 110 miles, this e-bike is an ideal choice for both moto-enthusiasts and those new to motorbikes. It features a swappable CORE battery that can be easily charged from a standard wall outlet, ensuring hassle-free commutes. The bike offers three ride modes – e-bike (up to 25 mph), e-Moped (up to 40 mph), and e-Motorcycle (up to 70 mph) – catering to various riding preferences and ensuring a seamless and sustainable two-wheel experience.

There are three battery options, all of which are removable for easy charging. The single “core” battery offers 1.8 kWh and a claimed 40 miles of range. You can add a second one for up to 80 miles, or opt for the big single battery (4.8 kWh) for up to 110 miles of range. The bike has four modes; eBike goes to 27 mph, eMoped goes to 37 mph, eMotorcycle goes to 70 mph and Performance takes you over 70mph. The bike is street legal, but you’ll likely need a motorcycle endorsement, so check your state laws.

The batteries are easy to remove and install for charging or battery swaps.

LAND District Street Pricing

The latest production run of The District Street, now priced at $6,995, is available for purchase. LAND is also offering attractive financing options, with monthly payments starting as low as $150. This pricing strategy makes electric mobility more accessible than ever, aligning with LAND’s mission to break down barriers and open up the world of electric biking to a broader audience. For more information about The District and its financing options, interested customers can visit the LAND website at

The District Street is available in Carbon Black, Lunar Grey or Seafoam Green.

  • LAND District Street base model: $6995 (40 mile range)
  • LAND District Street dual-battery model: $7995 (80 mile range)
  • LAND District Street single core plus battery model: $8995 (110 mile range)

There’s a performance package that upgrades to Magura brakes and a Fox Float rear suspension shock that is free until Cyber Monday 2023.



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