Yadea's Advanced E-Bike Technology: Enhanced Ride & Safety
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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike

Yadea’s Trooper 01, Innovator, and Camper E-Bikes – Highlighting Innovation, Performance, and Sustainability

Yadea’s E-Bike Innovates Riding with Tech and Safety

Yadea is a prominent player in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry with over 70 million customers across 100 countries, 40,000 retailers worldwide, and an impressive six-year streak as the number one seller in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. They have made a significant impact in Europe and America over the last five years. Their exceptional team comprises top talent from China’s leading universities, and they have strategic partnerships with industry-leading suppliers.

  • Yadea is a leading player in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry, wows Europe and America for the past five years.
  • Yadea’s e-bikes feature advanced motor technology and four key elements for an exceptional riding experience: sensor calibration, multi-sensor fusion, and an efficient electric power system.

Revolutionary Mid-Drive Motor with 4 Elements Delivers Enhanced Riding Experience and Unmatched Safety

They’re committed to innovation. Yadea has developed a mid-drive motor with four elements to enhance the riding experience and ensure safety. This motor technology features a highly precise torque sensor, multi-sensor fusion with “high response” control, a “Highly Efficient Electric Power Assist System,” and a smart connector.

Yadea’s mid-drive motor is designed and expertly positioned at the frame’s center, carrying the load and enhancing stability. Their sensor dynamic self-calibration technology automatically self-calibrates the sensor after each power-up. The advanced multi-sensor fusion technology offers real-time data collection and analysis, making uphill climbs and upwind rides a breeze.

Yadea’s Trailblazing Technology and Eco-Friendly Power Systems Deliver an Electric Power Range of 120km on Just 500Wh Battery

The highly efficient electric power system can cover distances of up to 120 kilometers using a mere 500 watt-hours of battery. With its trailblazing technology, eco-friendly power systems, and innovative sensor dynamic self-calibration technology, Yadea surpasses all competitors. In addition, the e-bike features an eco mode where pedal assistance is the sole source of power. Moreover, equipped with self-developed FOC motor drives and multi-sensor fusion, Yadea significantly reduces response time, shortening it to just 50 milliseconds.

Take a closer look at three of Yadea’s most popular e-bikes: the Trooper 01, Innovator, and Camper. Here are the key features and benefits of each model:

Trooper 01: Classic Retro Hybrid with Electric Power and Full Suspension

Yadea Trooper 01: The Ultimate Customizable Performance E-bike with Dual Motor Options and Full Suspension
Yadea Trooper 01: The Ultimate Customizable Performance E-bike with Dual Motor Options and Full Suspension

The Trooper 01 is an old-school and classic motorcycle crossover e-bike that offers a unique combination of riding pleasure, performance, and customization. The Trooper 01 has two versions with 750W or 1000W dual motor options.

Trooper 01 Features

  • Full suspension setup:
    • Significantly enhanced stability
    • Effortlessly overcomes rollover obstacles
  • Dual suspension:
    • Ensures superior comfort
    • Heightened sense of stability
  • High energy density LG 21700 lithium cells
  • Intelligent Battery Management System
  • Two versions available:
    • Trooper 01 with 750W dual motor option
    • Trooper 01 S with 1000W dual motor option
  • Five-year motor warranty

Yadea's Cutting-Edge E-Bike Innovation Enhances Riding Experience with Advanced Technology and Safety Features

Trooper 01 S Features

  • 1000W dual hub motor
  • ELSD Electronic differential for better control and safety
  • Integrated system with advanced algorithms:
    • Active and passive suppression to prevent slippage and loss of control
  • Enhanced safety performance during start-up and climbing
  • Dedicated TFT-LCD display for real-time status updates:
    • Front and rear motor monitoring
  • Various modes available:
    • Front single drive
    • Rear single drive
    • Timely dual drive
    • Full-time dual drive
  • Effortless switching between modes as desired
  • Five-year motor warranty

The full suspension system provides stability and comfort on rough terrain, and the classic design allows for unlimited personalized DIY options. Click here for more info

Commute with Ease: Yadea Innovator – Stylish & Compact Folding E-Bike with Mid-Driven Motor & 50 Mile Range

Commute with Ease: Yadea Innovator - Stylish & Compact Folding E-Bike with Smart Motor & 50 Mile Range
Commute with Ease: Yadea Innovator – Stylish & Compact Folding E-Bike with Smart Motor & 50 Mile Range

The Innovator is a stylish and compact folding e-bike designed for urban commuters and city riders. Its simple and clear magnesium monocoque casting body has higher strength than aluminum alloy, and its front and rear single-arm design allows for easy folding and storage. Click here for more info

Innovator Features

  • Exclusive storage mount design adds to bike’s practicality
  • Front and rear single-arm design allows for compact folding:
    • Folded size: 9.535 feet (0.27㎥)
    • Length, width, and height: 93x73x40 cm
  • Folding magnetic buckle design:
    • Stable and fixed without shaking
    • Easy to carry
  • Smart mid-driven motor
    • Fast pedal response with smooth acceleration
  • TorqueTronic technology:
    • Responsive and efficient ride
  • Portable charge station included
    • Maximum range up to 50 miles on eco mode
  • Five-year motor warranty

Yadea Camper E-Bike: Your Go-To Choice for Fun and Functional Commuting

Yadea Camper E-Bike: Your Go-To Choice for Fun and Functional Commuting
Yadea Camper E-Bike: Your Go-To Choice for Fun and Functional Commuting

The Camper is a versatile e-bike that is designed for family excursions and everyday use. Click here for more info

Camper Features

  • Independently developed rear hub motor
    • Maximum power/torque: 500W/55Nm
  • Integrated welding rear rack
    • Maximum loading: 50KG
    • Option to add storage baskets, panniers, baby seats, and other accessories
  • Camper includes:
    • 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger
      • 4-5 hour charging time
    • Ring lock for convenient and reliable security
  • Five-year motor warranty included

Overall, Yadea’s unrelenting drive for exploration and perfection has propelled them to the forefront of the global market, surpassing all competitors, and cementing their status as the ultimate choice for thrill-seekers seeking the pinnacle of e-bike excellence. To learn more about Yadea, please visit https://store.yadea.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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