LAND Announces Energy-Focused Electric Motorcycle Accessories
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LAND Announces Energy-Focused Electric Motorcycle Accessories

  • Electric motorcycle accessories, like the LAND onboard charger, allow e-bike enthusiasts to quickly charge up and carry on with their journey.
  • The CORE battery packs offered by LAND are swappable and use a regular wall outlet for charging.
  • LAND’s Power Tap is an innovative portable energy source, capable of powering USB-C devices such as smartphones and laptops.

LAND, the Cleveland-based manufacturer known for its electric mobility and portable battery solutions, has launched a range of energy-focused lifestyle and performance electric motorcycle accessories. Among the exciting new features, the onboard charger stands out. This innovative accessory allows e-bike enthusiasts to charge their motorcycle battery anywhere, making rides seamless and uninterrupted. Another standout feature is the Power Tap. This unique technology allows users to ‘tap’ into their battery power to charge any device. 


“LAND continues to evolve its offerings to give consumers a simple and seamless two-wheel electric experience,” LAND Founder and CEO Scott Colosimo says. 

Last month, LAND celebrated a significant achievement, welcoming solid investment and marking manufacturing milestones. The celebration was punctuated with a price drop announcement for its electric motorcycle and the unveiling of new performance upgrades. Evan Painter, LAND’s Head of Design, emphasizes the importance of innovative and creative design as the driving force behind the company’s forward momentum. He cites the e-Moto and the CORE battery packs as examples of this innovation at work. The CORE packs are uniquely designed for their swappable feature and ease of charging using a regular wall outlet. These packs boast an impressive range of 120 miles, further reinforcing LAND’s commitment to delivering quality electric motorcycle accessories.

LAND Electric Motorcycle Accessories

Pictured below is the swappable CORE battery and charge-anywhere onboard charger.

While the onboard charger eliminates the need for riders to carry a standard charger, the Power Tap accessory introduces a new level of convenience and functionality for electric motorcycle accessories. This innovative feature serves as a personal and portable energy source, capable of powering USB-C devices such as smartphones and laptops, as well as larger AC-powered appliances and equipment. This transformational feature allows riders to stay connected and functional, even when away from traditional power sources. LAND’s dedication to user-centric design is evident in the compatibility of these accessories with every District model manufactured in Cleveland.



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