Introducing T&D: Bafang's Evolution into Electric Motorcycle Motors
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Introducing T&D: Bafang’s Evolution into Electric Motorcycle Motors

Bafang T&D motorcycle with rider with a lot of dry dirt spray

Bafang has created a new brand, T&D, who is focusing on manufacturing motorcycle motors. Bafang is a well-known name in the electric bike world. They’ve made motor systems, both hub and mid-drive, for electric bicycles for years. The new brand will focus on powerful motors for motorcycles and similar vehicles.

  • T&D is a new brand created by Bafang, known for e-bikes, now focusing on powerful motorcycle motors to meet the demand for eco-friendly transportation.
  • T&D offers five powertrain categories: Storm (off-road), Forest (urban), Fire (touring), Mountain (for go-karts), and Lightning (high-performance).
  • Support for Developers: T&D offers a powerful algorithm to help electric motorcycle developers choose suitable powertrains and provides complete systems tailored to specific project needs, potentially benefiting various stakeholders in the industry.

Emphasizing the environmental benefits of electric motorcycles, T&D, under the guidance of Bafang’s vice general manager Sunny He, is committed to the sustainable and intelligent product development. The company’s focus on green mobility aligns with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The name “T&D” itself is derived from the Chinese characters “tian” and “di,” meaning heaven and earth, symbolizing the company’s connection to nature.


T&D Powertrain Categories: Tailored Solutions for Every Need

There are five categories of powertrains. Storm is their off-road-oriented system, Forest is urban, Fire is touring, Mountain is for “entertainment” and Lightning is high-performance.

Exploring Storm Powertrain Options: From Novice to High-Performance

The silhouettes they use for the Storm category look very similar to a Sur-ron Light Bee X, don’t you think? Photo courtesy of T&D

The Storm category features three levels. The FE01 system is compact and light, weighing in at 51 lbs and a claimed 90% efficiency rating.  The vehicle-grade software architecture adopts the CAN communication protocol and provides collision detection. Peak power is 6kW and torque exceeds 125N.m. This means steep climbs of gradients up to 60% are effortlessly accomplished, assisted by a 0-31 mph time of only 2.8s. They claim a 34 mile range on a full charge.

FE02 has been custom-made for kids and beginner riders, with easy-to-manage riding mode limitation functions, enabling the maximum power output to be locked. Lightweight and compact, the system offers outstanding acceleration and climbing power. It offers 5.5kW of peak power, and 100Nm of torque. It also claims a 34 mile range.

The top-of-the-line performance in the Storm category is the FE08, boasting peak power of 18kW, a whopping 180Nm of torque, with no explanation of claimed range other than a “6 hour user time” with a 2.5 hour fast charger. That’s a long lunch!

Forest Powertrains: Versatile Solutions for Urban and Commuter Vehicles

The Forest LI02 is aimed at small scooters, the LI05 at bigger scooters, and the LI06 is aimed at motorcycles. Photo courtesy of T&D

The Forest line also has 3 different offerings, two at Vespa-style scooters and one aimed at motorcycles. All three feature a TFT color screen with data displayed in Chinese, English, German or Spanish, with a security code entry system.

The LI02 is designed to be both nimble and durable. It offers peak power of 8kW and 250Nm of torque at the rear wheel. No claimed range yet. They claim it can stand operating temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celcius. Riders, however, likely cannot.

Image showcasing T&D Forest LI motor

The LI05, aimed at bigger scooters, puts out 18kW peak and 180Nm of torque to get you scootin’. It has an impressive claimed range of 124 miles. An ecological three-speed riding mode and low torque provide a smooth start, consistent power, and nimble handling by way of a powerful 18kw motor. Power-assisted brakes and a long-life battery that features 6 major protection functions, SOC and SOH management functions, and 4 temperature sensors, allow confident city commuting.


The motorcycle-aimed LI06 system has a peak power output of 18kW and a massive 450Nm of torque at the rear wheel. It also has a claimed range of 124 miles.

In this new lineup, the FE01 (Storm) Off-Road Drive System is noteworthy for offering 6 kW of peak power (8 hp) and 125 Nm of torque, capable of handling steep gradients up to 60%. This system is relatively lightweight, weighing just 22 kg (48 lb.).

Moreover, the LI01 (Forest) City Commuting Drive System is designed for urban commuting, offering a high torque of 240 Nm and a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). This system is powered by a 72V 50Ah (3.6 kWh) battery, aligning it with several leading commuter e-scooters and motorcycles.

Coming Soon: HU01 – The Fire Category’s Touring Powerhouse

Image showcasing T&D Fire HU01 motor
T&D Fire HU01: Unleash the Power of High-Performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Tailored for Touring and Momentum

The Fire category has one offering, HU01, for touring. It’s still listed as “Coming soon”. Specs are peak output at 30kW, 690Nm of torque, speeds up to 78 mph, and a 0-62 mph time of 3.5s. Claimed range will be 124 miles.

Mountain Category: A Surprising Shift Towards Electric Go-Karts

The illustration T&D uses for their Mountain line. Photo courtesy of T&D

It’s interesting that they use Mountain, because the first thing you’d think of is some mountain-bike-style bike. But you’d be wrong. The silhouette they use is that of a go-kart. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds like such a blast! An electric drivetrain instead of a Briggs & Stratton 3-1/2 horsepower lawnmower engine? Seems the opposite experience, really. No stink of gasoline, and the acceleration would be so much faster!

Very few specs available other than 51Nm of torque at the driving wheel and the ability to climb up a 12% hill.

Lightning LE01: The Pinnacle of Performance

Image showcasing T&D High-rate 21700 cell battery equipped with intelligent Battery Management System
T&D High-rate 21700 cell battery equipped with intelligent Battery Management System.

The last category is Lightning, their highest performance powertrain. There’s only one system here, the LE01. They show a sportbike as an example. Details so far are that it has a pavement-warping 1125Nm of torque, top motor speed of 12,000 rpms, and a range of 124 miles. It can handle up to a 30% grade and hit 62 mph in 3 seconds. That’s pretty quick. The battery, controller, motor, etc. altogether add nearly 484 lbs of weight to the chassis, but that’s all unspring weight.


Simplifying Electric Motorcycle Powertrain Selection with T&D’s Algorithmic Solution

Because they’re making these for OEMs, T&D has developed a powerful algorithm to help electric motorcycle developers more easily choose their electric powertrain. A common challenge for these brands is sourcing appropriate and dependable powertrain components. Engineers and product developers in the e-motorcycle field often struggle to find components that work well together. T&D offers a solution to this issue: they provide complete powertrain systems. These systems comprise components that are specially tailored and optimized to meet the unique requirements of various development projects.

Photo courtesy of Bafang

This is all so new that there are no OEMs lined up as of right now, but just like Bafang e-bike motor systems, they can work for brand names, startups, and possibly even custom builders who want to make a one-off for a customer. The specs are impressive, I can’t wait to see what people do with these.



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