Windrose Tests Electric Trucks for Decathlon and Rokin Logistics
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Windrose Tests Electric Trucks for Decathlon and Rokin Logistics

Windrose electric truck front view
  • Windrose Technology, a developer of zero-emission heavy-duty trucks, will collaborate with Decathlon and Rokin Logistics to road-test electric trucks.
  • Decathlon aims for a 20% reduction in their absolute CO2 emissions by 2026.
  • Rokin Logistics has ordered up to 200 electric trucks, aligning with their own goal of a 50% carbon emission reduction by 2030.

In a bid to tackle the carbon emissions and advance the cause of green logistics, Windrose Technology has started road tests for its electric trucks. The company, known for its expertise in zero-emission and intelligent heavy-duty trucks, has partnered with two industry giants, Decathlon and Rokin Logistics, to pave the way for a more electrified approach to transportation.

Driving Toward a Low-Carbon Future

Decathlon, the global sporting goods retailer, has set a goal to reduce absolute CO2 emissions by 20% before 2026, compared to its emissions in 2021. Recognizing that business growth inevitably accompanies a surge in logistics-related carbon emissions, Decathlon has joined hands with Windrose Technology and Rokin Logistics to explore potential solutions that align with its low-carbon logistics strategic plan.

David Wang, vice president of Decathlon China, emphasized the importance of this endeavor. “Decathlon’s green logistics is a commitment to sport lovers in China for low-carbon delivery. It is also an important strategy to explore the transformation of decarbonizing our business model,” he stated.

Powered by Partnership

Windrose Technology, Rokin Logistics, and Decathlon are pooling their resources to expedite this process. Rokin Logistics, already a strategic investor in Windrose, has placed an order for up to 200 electric trucks, with deliveries scheduled to start in 2024. 

Xingming Xiong, CEO of Rokin Logistics, affirmed their commitment, saying, “We aim to leverage the power of technology to lead the drive towards greener transportation.”

Xiong further noted, “In order to achieve our goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% before the end of 2030, we are committing significant resources to a large-scale deployment of Windrose zero-emission trucks as quickly as we can.”

Co-founder, chairman, and CEO Wen Han expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the dual impact of electrification: “For our fleet customers as well as their shippers, electrification of the truck fleet is not only a crucial step in their carbon reduction roadmap but also an important help [to] reduce their operating costs.” 



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