EV Range Partners with LG Business Solutions to Offer Level 2 Charging Station
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EV Range Partners with LG Business Solutions to Offer Level 2 Charging Station

EV Range Partners with LG Business Solutions to Offer Level 2 Charging Station
  • EV Range partners with LG Business Solutions, becoming the first to distribute LG’s American-made EV chargers.
  • LG chargers offered by EV Range deliver a powerful 48A (11.5kW) output, adding up to 35 miles of range per hour, effectively reducing charging times.
  • EV Range’s ecosystem includes backend software, frontend apps, and 24/7 support.

EV Range, an EV infrastructure solutions platform, recently shared news of its partnership with LG Business Solutions. This collaboration strengthens EV Range’s role as a top seller of the newest LG EV chargers made in America. This partnership is a major milestone in EV charging, with the goal of making charging electric vehicles a better experience for both drivers and charging facility owners at home, the workplace, and public charging.


As the first electric vehicle charging software network authorized to distribute the innovative LG chargers, EV Range is ready to change how electric vehicles are powered all over the United State. Through this partnership, all LG chargers sold by EV Range come preconfigured to seamlessly integrate with the EV Range charger station management software and the EV Range pay app. This ensures that EV owners get the best performance and easy access.

EV Range Partners with LG Business Solutions to Offer Level 2 Charging Station

Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Combining EV Range’s best-in-class cloud-based Charger Station Management Software, customizable EV Range pay app, and 24-7 support services with LG’s new EV charging station is a combination that exemplifies the best in electric vehicle charging innovation.”

The LG chargers feature commercial-grade specifications, handling power input/output capabilities ranging from 208-240V on a 60A breaker/circuit. They can deliver an impressive 48A (11.5kW) at maximum output. This impressive charge rate translates to adding up to 35 miles of range per hour to a vehicle’s battery, significantly reducing charging times and alleviating range anxiety for EV drivers.


Michael Kosla, U.S. Senior Vice President at LG Business Solutions, commended EV Range’s commitment to simplifying the charging experience, stating, “EV Range has created a fully managed charging ecosystem that simplifies the charging experience for EV drivers as well as the host facility.”

One of the standout features of the LG chargers is their user-friendly interface, certified by CTEP and highlighted by a simple LED display that provides real-time energy and cost data. Additionally, EV Range offers customizable options for pedestals, cable management, and provisions for integrating an LG 22-inch outdoor digital display device, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience for both drivers and charging facility owners.

EV Range Partners with LG Business Solutions to Offer Level 2 Charging Station

EV Range’s complete charging ecosystem caters to the needs of both drivers and charging facility owners, providing full control over operations, analysis, and revenue generation through its Charging Station Management Software. Custom-branded stations and driver apps enhance the user experience, while EV Range’s 24/7 support call center ensures round-the-clock assistance, guaranteeing uptime and elevating the overall driver experience.

The partnership between EV Range and LG Business Solutions shows their joint dedication to improving EV charging infrastructure. They’re working together to make EV charging a mainstream feature and important part of our national infrastructure in the 21st century.



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