ABB E-mobility Powers Vermont's First NEVI EV Fast Charging Hub, Boosting Local Economy
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ABB E-mobility Powers Vermont’s First NEVI EV Fast Charging Hub, Boosting Local Economy

ABB E-mobility Powers Vermont's First NEVI EV Fast Charging Hub Boosting Local Economy
  • ABB E-mobility’s Terra 184 EV chargers power Vermont’s first NEVI EV fast charging hub.
  • Vermont’s NEVI hub promotes local businesses and reinforces state commitment to EV infrastructure.
  • ABB E-mobility’s chargers meet high regulatory standards & operational efficiencies with ENERGY STAR certification, metering certifications, ADA readiness, ISO 15118 implementations, OCPP conformance, and J3400 readiness.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming a staple on roadways around the world, promising a cleaner, more sustainable future. However, the adoption of EVs is closely tied to the availability and efficiency of charging infrastructure. ABB E-mobility, a global leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, is at the forefront of this transformation. Offering a wide range of innovative charging options – from smart home chargers to high-power stations for highways – ABB is driving the expansion of accessible and reliable charging networks. These include fleet electrification and provisions for charging electric buses and trucks. With their commitment to quality and sustainability, they play a pivotal role in overcoming one of the biggest hurdles in EV adoption: range anxiety.


ABB E-mobility’s global footprint is impressive, with about 1,500 employees worldwide and over one million EV chargers sold in more than 85 markets. This includes a significant number of over 50,000 DC fast chargers, underscoring their prowess in the industry.

In an exciting development in Vermont, the Federal Highway Administrator (FHA), Shailen Bhatt, joined by local officials, celebrated the grand opening of the first National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) fast charging hub in downtown Bradford. Featuring four ABB E-mobility Terra 184 chargers, this station not only meets the requirements of the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act but also adheres to rigorous NEVI technical standards.

Chris Nordh, the Head of ABB E-mobility in North America, commented, “Americans deserve reliable charging experiences that work and meet them where they are. ABB E-mobility is committed to NEVI’s success and helping drivers and partners like Norwich EV achieve reliable, seamless, efficient, and flexible charging solutions.”


Conveniently situated just a mile from the highway and at the center of Bradford, the charging hub is set to stimulate local businesses, providing EV drivers with easy access to nearby attractions while their cars charge. This effort showcases Vermont’s commitment to embracing fast charging technology through the NEVI program, highlighting the economic benefits of electric transportation in busy community hubs.

Through partnerships spanning nearly 40 NEVI projects across ten states, ABB E-mobility demonstrates its crucial role in shaping the EV charging landscape. Leveraging their extensive experience in designing and producing EV chargers, combined with a rich history in electrification, the company emerges as a frontrunner in the industry.

ABB E-mobility Powers Vermont's First NEVI EV Fast Charging Hub Boosting Local Economy

Troy McBride, Chief Technology Officer of Norwich EV, stated, “We chose ABB E-mobility for their robust and reliable chargers that readily meet the extensive compliance standards for state and federal NEVI projects. ABB E-mobility’s experience and professional service enabled us to open our first NEVI site smoothly.”

ABB E-mobility’s chargers are designed with critical features like ENERGY STAR certification, NTEP and CTEP certified metering, ADA readiness, ISO 15118 implementations, OCPP conformance, and J3400 readiness, ensuring they meet the highest regulatory standards and operational efficiencies.



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