BorgWarner Expands Automotive Technology Portfolio with Dual Inverter Innovation for Chinese Market
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BorgWarner Expands Automotive Technology Portfolio with Dual Inverter Innovation for Chinese Market

BorgWarner Expands Automotive Technology Portfolio with Dual Inverter Innovation for Chinese Market
  • BorgWarner secures contract with Chinese OEM for dual inverter with boost function
  • Enhances performance and lowers costs for PHEV and REEV platforms
  • Production begins September 2024 in Suzhou, showcasing BorgWarner’s leadership in automotive electrification

BorgWarner has recently announced a significant milestone in its partnership with a major Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The company has secured a critical contract to supply its dual inverter with boost function for a series of plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and range extended electric vehicle (REEV) passenger car platforms.


This innovation will transform how hybrid vehicles are produced in China, where there’s growing demand for eco-friendly transportation options. BorgWarner’s boost module, directly integrated into the 400V dual inverter, delivers impressive power in a compact design, meeting strict local standards for hybrid systems.

Marking a significant achievement, this collaboration with the Chinese OEM marks BorgWarner’s expanding product portfolio and introduces the industry’s first 400V dual inverter with boost function. Tailored specifically for hybrid vehicle models, this advanced solution highlights BorgWarner’s commitment to innovation and sustainability within the automotive sector.

Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, expressed the importance of supplying advanced technology to support OEM hybrid vehicle production. He stated, “As the share of hybrid vehicles continues to grow in China, supplying advanced technology like our boosted dual inverter to support and amplify OEM hybrid vehicle production is crucial.”


The boost module, integrated into the 400V dual inverter, leverages BorgWarner’s proprietary Viper platform to house two inverters and a high-power boost module within a compact package. This integration not only ensures precise control of dual motors but also enhances power density and performance, all while facilitating easy installation for automakers.

With the dual inverter with boost set to be manufactured and assembled at BorgWarner’s Suzhou, China plant, production is slated to start in September 2024. This strategic move reinforces BorgWarner’s dedication to localized production, ensuring efficient supply chain management and timely delivery of automotive solutions to meet growing market demands.

“Our skilled engineering team, paired with our reputable quality standards and manufacturing processes, makes us a leader in this space and a great partner in the shift toward electrification,” added Dr. Demmerle, pointing out BorgWarner’s ability to drive innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.



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