First Volkswagen ID. Models Support V2H Bidirectional Charging
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First Volkswagen ID. Models Support V2H Bidirectional Charging

  • Bidirectional charging is possible in all new Volkswagen ID. models with the 77 kWh battery.
  • VW launched the “Vehicle to Home” (V2H) pilot project with HagerEnergy GmbH in Sweden.
  • Bidirectional charging transforms Volkswagen EVs into rolling energy storage.

Volkswagen, in collaboration with HagerEnergy GmbH, is taking significant strides towards sustainable energy consumption—many vehicles in their ID. family now features a “Vehicle to Home” function that facilitates bidirectional charging. With the aid of a home power station and the integrated Home Energy Management System (HEMS), customers can maximize the use of their photovoltaic system to cover a large portion of their household consumption. In a pioneering pilot project in Sweden, the two partners have equipped an entire housing estate with this innovative V2H technology, providing both vehicles and the corresponding charging infrastructure.

V2H Technology and the Stenberg Housing Estate in Sweden

Intelligent V2H charging solutions have the potential to stabilize the power grid, enabling electric cars to charge when renewable energy is abundant. Through the use of smart tariffs and algorithms, vehicles can be charged at times when renewable energy is plentiful. Additionally, electric cars can feed unneeded electricity back into the homeowner’s grid through Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and may someday contribute power to stabilize the broader electricity grid.

A shining example of this V2H technology in action is the Stenberg housing estate in Hudiksvall, Sweden. The farm, which serves as the foundation for the new settlement, has been in existence for approximately 350 years.


Swedish entrepreneur Klas Boman is intent on ensuring that the houses remain sustainable and future-proof for another 350 years. He explains, “Stenberg is a once-in-a-lifetime project. When we decided to realize ‘the other 350-year project’, energy and the environment were key. Every decision was made with these aspects in mind. The use of electric vehicles as energy storage was considered from the outset.” 

Volkswagen joined the project in April 2021, and now the estate is set to undergo a radical transformation. Boman adds, “This will be one of the biggest changes in the energy market.”

In this first version, the ID. models are compatible only with the V2H DC home power station of the S10 E COMPACT series offered by HagerEnergy GmbH. In the future, other home power stations will be enabled for operation with a bidirectional charging station (wallbox).



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