Tesla's NACS (SAE J3400) is the Unbeatable U.S. Charging Standard for EVs!
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Tesla’s NACS (SAE J3400) is the Unbeatable U.S. Charging Standard for EVs!

Image showcasing Tesla NACS J3400 charging standard connector compared to CCS
  • The J3400 charging standard port will give all EVs the ability to charge at any EV charging station.
  • The new ports will reduce the need for separate utility power feeds for AC and DC fast charging.
  • SAE only needed six months to complete the project after Ford and GM announced the switch to the NACS charging standard.

As the EV world waits for Stellantis to announce the switch to the Tesla-developed NACS (North American Charging Standard) charging connector system, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has released the specifications for the newest SEA J3400 charging standard connector. This new SAE Standard J3400 is expected to be ready for vehicle installation in the fall of 2024.


Switching from the J1772 to the J3400 Charging Standard Connector

SAE sets the standards for automotive specifications. EV drivers will recognize the J1772 port in current EVs. Non-Tesla EVs have these ports along with the CCS port that allows for DC fast chargers, while plug-in hybrid EVs like the Jeep Wrangler 4xe only have the J1772 port.

The SAE J3400 charging standard port will allow all EVs to charge at a North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. The organization also released the coupler technical information report (TIR) as the majority of EV manufacturers are moving from the CCS to the NACS charging system.

Image showcasing DC Fast Charging DCFC connectors - CCS1 CHAdeMO J3400 charging standard

Completing the Project in Record Time

This exciting news shows how close the EV industry is to adopting a single charging standard. Once Ford and General Motors (GM) set the trend of moving to the NACS charging system, the SAE decided it was time to develop, deploy, and commercialize a standard NACS connector for non-Tesla EVs. Ford and GM made their announcement in May and June, and six months later SAE has the technology ready for new EVs.

Unified System for Convenient EV Charging in North America

Dr. Rodney McGee, chairman of the SAE J3400 NACS Task Force, said, “SAE J3400 provides a blueprint for cost-effective mass electrification of transportation in North America and facilitates broad interoperability for EV charging solutions by providing a unified, compact connector for both AC and DC charging.”


This new plug will give all EV drivers the ability to use any charging station in North America regardless of the make and model they drive. Consider how all gas-powered cars have the same opening for a gas pump, and that all gas pump nozzles are standard. EV drivers will soon have the same for charging.

The standardized J3400 charging standard system will also give AC charging the same utility power feeds as DC fast charging. Charging stations will no longer need separate circuit panels and transformers. The new charging standard will reduce infrastructure costs, making new charging stations more efficient and easier to install.

Hoping to Expand EV Ownership with New Charging Standard

With the release of the J3400 standard from SAE, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation plans to speed up its release. This new charging standard provides EV drivers with knowledge that they can charge at any station in North America. Currently, this is not the case, as vehicles with CCS chargers cannot efficiently charge at Tesla stations. With the new J3400 standard, more drivers are expected to switch to EVs as charging will be more convenient.



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