Starbucks and Volvo Open Public EV Charging
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Starbucks and Volvo Open Public EV Charging

Woman charging Volvo XC 40 at Starbucks
  • The 15 Starbucks coffee shops are located in popular spots in Washington like Issaquah and Yakima, as well as Nampa, ID; La Grande, OR; Provo, UT; Grand Junction, CO, and Idaho Springs, CO. 
  • The stops are in several Federal Opportunity Zones so communities without charging infrastructure can get their first charging station. 
  • You’ll find the charging stations on your Chargeway app. 

If you own an EV, your Starbucks coffee run just got better. The coffee giant just partnered with Volvo Cars to add public DC fast-charging stations at coffee shops between Denver and Seattle. 

Photo of the Volvo booth at Electrify Expo in New York
The Volvo electric vehicles (BEV, PHEV) lineup at Electrify Expo

Volvo Car Charging Stations Spread Across the Western US

The partnership is opening 50 charging stations at 15 coffee shops. The ChargePoint chargers will deliver up to 110 miles in about 15 minutes for drivers who have the 2024 Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge Models.

Starbucks and Volvo Cars strategically placed the charging stations at coffee stops approximately 100 miles apart. They stretch across a 1,350-mile route between Denver and Seattle. 

CCS EVs Can Use the Volvo Branded ChargePoint Stations

While the Starbucks fast chargers are supplied in a partnership with Volvo and Starbucks, they can be used by any EV with a CCS or ChAdeMO plug. Some are still under construction, so check your Chargeway app to determine which stations are open and functional.


According to the Chargeway app, the chargers in Silverthorne, Colorado, are functional. As a Starbucks in Silverthorne is located inside a Target store, EV drivers can also get a Target run completed while filling their EVs. Volvo is not giving away electricity, as the Chargepoint app shows that the Silverthorne Volvo chargers have an estimated price of $35.70 for 15 minutes of fast charging up to 200 kW. 

Pay Through the Chargepoint App

Volvo Cars opens public EV fast charging network at U.S. Starbucks stores

While non-Volvo EV drivers will need to use a Chargepoint app or a third-party app like Chargeway to find the Volvo-sponsored charging stations, Volvo drivers can use their Google platform to access their in-car Chargepoint apps to find the stations and pay for service. Volvo Cars, Chargepoint, and Starbucks will work together to provide virtual and in-person to reduce charging station downtime so drivers can trust the stations will be open and functional. 

Mike Cottone, President of Volvo Car USA and Canada said, “These Starbucks locations provide a perfect stop along a long drive to relax and quickly recharge not only the car, but the driver.” 



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