VW ID.7 Revealed Before U.S. Launch in 2024
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VW ID.7 Revealed Before U.S. Launch in 2024

  • Volkswagen recently revealed its new ID.7, a flagship vehicle in the ID lineup.
  • It will have VW’s largest battery yet (at least in Europe), at 86 kWh with 200 kW of charging capacity.
  • Tech includes a panoramic sunroof with smart glass that can dim automatically and an augmented reality head-up display.

We got a lot of new cars at the Shanghai auto show this month, including the new VW ID.7 reveal. This mid-size hatchback EV is supposed to fill the gap left by the Passat here in the U.S. while also helping to fulfill Volkswagen’s goals of ramping up EV production over the next five years.

VW ID.7 Specs

We do already have some fun details from the VW ID.7 reveal to share. Based on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform for mainstream EV, it features the largest battery yet to be fitted to an MEB-based vehicle: an 86-kWh unit with 200 kW of charging capacity. However, only a 77-kWh unit with 170 kW of charging capacity is expected to be available to U.S. buyers. Even with the smaller battery, the car has an expected range of over 350 miles, thanks to its aerodynamic design.

And what a slippery exterior design it is – the ID.7 has a drag coefficient of just 0.23. It also has a long wheelbase, measuring 116.9 inches, and measures 195.3 inches long in total, making it roughly the same size as the Tesla Model S.

The ID.7 comes with a single rear motor rated at 282 horsepower, with an all-wheel-drive option planned for the future.

VW ID.7 Tech

We got to see some potential tech for the ID.7 during CES this year, but now we know a bit more. Standard features include a panoramic sunroof with smart glass that can dim automatically, an augmented reality head-up display, and a 15-inch touchscreen for infotainment. The car will also feature VW’s Travel Assist with Swarm Data, which uses crowd-sourced data to improve its automated driving ability.

Volkswagen has packed the car with top-notch cabin technology. The car includes voice activation that can serve as an alternative. The Park Assist Pro with Memory Function can offer three automated parking modes, using its saved memory to execute repeated parking maneuvers.

When Will We See It in the U.S.?

The ID.7 hatch is expected to go on sale in 2024. While we don’t know an official price yet, we can probably expect it to cost somewhere around in the low- to mid-$60,000 range.
Volkswagen bills the ID.7 as the flagship of its ID family of EVs, and it’s a big step in the brand’s electrification plans. The carmaker pledged to invest nearly $200 billion over the next five years to solidify its position in the future of the auto industry.


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3 Responses

  1. If the battery was bidirectional I’d be interested!!! Since it’s not, I’ve no interest.

  2. If KW is reduced on the new ID7 I have no interest
    I Have. I0 4 80kW 2023
    Why should I buy 77 Kw 2024 ID7 this Bs
    Manufactueres need to wake up the American public wants a car to go 300 miles between charges
    I do not buy into 77KW going 350 miles between charges
    I only get 200 miles on a ID4 now
    Between charges
    VW company needs to wake up or I will buy A Tesla for my next car

  3. I would buy the new ID 7 but not with a 77KW Battery it has to be at least 85 or better KE
    You better be carefull or
    Just like the Edsel did for Ford if you don’t watch out

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