How One Man’s Custom Super73 Electric Bike Stole the Show
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How One Man’s Custom Super73 Electric Bike Stole the Show

Luis Rolon III holding Best E-Bike award presented by Super73 for his 2020 Super73 RX at Electrify Showoff Orlando
  • Luis Rolon III’s transformation from rider to creator began with the Super73 S1.
  • He customized his Super73 RX, adding fork suspension, a new seat, lights, and white wall tires.
  • His modifications improved performance and got noticed by other PEV enthusiasts, ultimately winning the Best E-Bike award at Electrify Showoff.

Meet Luis Rolon III from Orlando, Florida. He’s not your average rider anymore – he’s become a  visionary creator, all thanks to his passion for electric bikes. Starting with a random encounter of the Super73 S1 electric motorbike and leading up to an exciting win at Electrify Showoff Orlando 2024, Rolon’s journey is one of discovery, motivation, and the tireless chase of a personalized riding experience.


“My wife would probably love to take credit for the fact that I even considered an electric bike,” Rolon shares, reminiscing about the spring of 2019 when his journey started. “Back then, she was shopping for an electric bicycle, something to cruise around with. I hadn’t planned on purchasing one. I didn’t see the need for one.” However, fate intervened when Rolon stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring the Super73 S1. “That bike they were using was a Super73 S1, and I fell in love,” he recalls. “Within a week, I had researched the brand, and by May 2019, I had ordered mine.”

The charm of the Super73 RX model, blending classic café racer flair with contemporary ruggedness, fueled Rolon’s ambition to build a unique masterpiece tailored to his vision. “I wanted to retain that concept of simplicity,” he explains. “Small changes, but still standing out.” His modifications, ranging from handlebars to tires, were carefully selected to preserve the essence of an electric bicycle while adding a touch of individuality.

“At the end of the day, I’m riding an electric bicycle,” he highlights. “I didn’t want to deviate from this. I wanted to make sure the frame was still visible and not hide it with an enclosure for larger electronics. I didn’t want to lose PAS (Pedal Assist System). I don’t need to hit 60 mph with this bike. I kept major modifications simple to meet my needs as a rider.” His strategic upgrades, including a second battery for extended range and a moderate controller upgrade for more torque, represent his commitment to refining his riding experience.

A standout feature of Rolon’s ebike story is the strong sense of community nurtured within the Super73 enthusiast circle. “What helped with the build is the Super73 community,” he acknowledges. “Because of that, there is a heap of aftermarket products available for these bikes.” Taking inspiration and guidance from other Super73 riders, Rolon sifted through a lot of options, ultimately building his dream electric bike.

Yet, like any journey of creation, Rolon encountered challenges along the way, particularly in aligning his evolving vision with practical execution. “The hardest part was my own vision, constantly changing and evolving,” he admits. “Even now, I’m already thinking of what I could change next on the bike.” Despite the hurdles, Rolon’s determination moved him forward, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.


Rolon’s hard work resulted in a custom electric bike that not only performs exceptionally but also features a one-of-a-kind look that grabs attention. “A lot of it comes down to cosmetics,” he explains. “While I’m happy with what I’m riding, I wanted to stick out from the other bikes out there.” In a crowd of EVs, his Super73 electric bike stands out, earning admiration and attention – a testament to his creativity and originality.

Luis Rolon III Best E-Bike award presented by Super73 for his 2020 Super73 RX at Electrify Showoff Orlando

In terms of range and speed, Rolon’s modifications have significantly chaged the capabilities of his ebike. “The dual battery setup has easily doubled the range over stock setups,” he reveals. “With the upgraded controller, top speed in the highest riding mode has gone from 30 mph to 35 mph.” These modifications not only make the bike perform better but also make the riding more exciting and memorable, making the overall experience even better.

As for future plans – Rolon’s story is far from over. “Evolution is always unavoidable,” he mentions. “At some point, I’d like to upgrade the front fork suspension, look into seat upgrades, and possibly explore larger batteries.” His determined quest for perfection guarantees that his custom electric bike continues to be a flexible platform for innovation and improvement.

To enthusiasts starting on their own custom electric bike projects, Rolon offers invaluable advice. “First and foremost, have fun with it!” he exclaims. “Your ebike is an extension of you and should convey that.” With a blend of passion, creativity, and community support, he encourages individuals to embrace the journey of customization, transforming their visions into reality one modification at a time.

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Luis Rolon III holding Best E-Bike award presented by Super73 for his 2020 Super73 RX at Electrify Showoff Orlando

2024 Electrify Expo Schedule

March 16-17Orlando, FL (new location for 2024)
May 4-5Phoenix, AZ (new location for 2024)
May 31-June 2Long Beach, CA
July 13-14Denver, CO (new location for 2024)
August 24-25San Francisco, CA
September 14-15Seattle, WA
October 12-13Long Island, NY
November 8-10Austin, TX


Owner: Luis Rolon III
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Instagram: @lui_the_third
Vehicle: 2020 Super73 RX, Carmine Red
Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Orlando 2024 Award: Best E-Bike presented by Super 73


Performance ElectronicsHandlworks BAC855 w/ Lighting Upgrade and Display
Powertrainx2 Super73 48v 20AH Batteries, Super73 750w (1200w nominal, 2000w Max w/ Controller Upgrade) Hub Motor
Wheels & TiresSuper73 20-inch Wheels, VeeTireCo E-Huntsman 20×4.0 Tires, TredWear Custom Tire Lettering
BrakesSuper73 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Chassis & SuspensionSuper73 Front and Rear Shocks But Rear Upgraded w/ 250lb Spring, Super73 Tracker Mid Rise Handlebar, TopCabin Handlebar Grips
ExteriorRaid Dynamics Halo Mk.1 Wheel Covers, Blur Boundaries Battery Guard, Flow Carbon Rear Fender and Tire Hugger, Forty Customs Front Mud Guard Fender, Flow Carbon Titanium Rear Axle Nuts, Custom E-Bike Rear Shorty Pegs, Chimera Engineering Splash Guard, Hipofighter16 Seat, Super73 Gold Chain, Hafny Bike Mirrors
LightingDual Headlights from Super73, Loomenade LED Taillight, Redshift Sports ArcLight Pro Smart Flat Pedals



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