The Impact of New Tariffs on Rad Power Bikes: What You Need to Know Before 7/1/2024
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The Impact of New Tariffs on Rad Power Bikes: What You Need to Know Before 7/1/2024

Rad Power Bikes test ride and demo with father and son at Electrify Expo New York
  • Starting July 1, 2024, prices for six Rad Power Bikes models will increase due to newly imposed tariffs in the United States.
  • Earlier in the year, Rad Power reduced prices across much of their lineup to help consumers manage inflationary pressures.
  • Despite the tariff increases, Rad Power remains committed to providing excellent value.

As of July 1, 2024, Rad Power Bikes will implement price increases on six of their most popular models due to newly imposed tariffs in the United States. Earlier this year, Rad Power took proactive measures to reduce prices across much of their lineup to mitigate the effects of inflation, striving to make electric bikes (ebikes) more accessible during challenging economic times.


Despite these disappointing developments, Rad Power Bikes remains steadfast in their commitment to delivering exceptional value and service. They continue to offer live customer support seven days a week, free shipping nationwide, and industry-leading two-year warranties on all ebike purchases. These customer-centric initiatives highlight their dedication to improving the riding experience for all with reliability and peace of mind.

The impact of these tariffs extends beyond Rad Power, affecting numerous ebike manufacturers across the industry. They recognize the importance of informing their community early so that you can take advantage of current pricing before adjustments come into effect. This presents a unique opportunity to check out Rad Power’s diverse range of e-bikes, from the versatile Radster Trail and Radster Road to the powerful RadWagon 5 and RadExpand 5 Plus, each designed to meet varying needs and preferences.

For those considering an ebike purchase, now is the ideal time to act. Below, you’ll find the updated prices for select Rad Power Bikes models:

These adjustments reflect Rad Power’s ongoing efforts to navigate market changes while maintaining their commitment to affordability and quality. Whether you’re interested in a lithium battery for electric bike longevity, a pedal assist bike for effortless riding, or an electric bike with throttle for added convenience, Rad Power offers solutions tailored to enhance your outdoor adventures.

We encourage you to explore the Rad Power Bikes website and discover why Rad Power continues to be a leader in the ebike industry, or book a test ride at an upcoming Electrify Expo event. Secure your preferred model before July 1st to lock in current prices and maximize savings on your next electric bicycle purchase.



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